From sheet masks to quality time with loved ones, JLo's self-care routine probably looks a lot like yours, TBH.

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jennifer lopez
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If all the time spent at home during the COVID-19 pandemic has given you a greater appreciation for self-care, Jennifer Lopez can relate. The multi-hyphenate might have had one of her busiest years to date in 2020 (see: her epic Super Bowl performance with Shakira), but she tells Shape that having extra time for a face mask or a soak in the tub has been "so important" to her lately.

"During this period, the need for self-care — which I wasn't doing very much of before because I was working nonstop — became very important," shares Lopez.

While she names exercise, therapy, and meditation as her top self-care practices, she also says she's been enjoying taking time for the little things, whether that means spending a few more minutes on a hair-care routine or leisurely letting her skin soak in one of her JLo Beauty That Limitless Glow Sheet Masks (Buy It, $48,

"I can take a little bit of extra time and take a 10-minute bath instead of a three-minute bath," says Lopez. "I think self-care is very important even if you just take a few minutes. It's a luxury." (Related: What Happened When I Prioritized Self-Care for a Week)

Quarantine has also been a time of gratitude for Lopez, she says, calling her loved ones her "rock."

"The opportunity for us to spend time together, [time] that we would have never had before with our lifestyles, proved to be such a game-changer, such a life-altering moment for all of us," she says, crediting her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, as well as her parents, sisters, kids, and friends, with keeping her sane and focused throughout the pandemic.

Looking ahead, Lopez says she's "keeping a positive attitude" about what's to come. Despite the many uncertainties that remain around the pandemic, she says she's hopeful about the steps experts are taking to help everyone feel comfortable and safe getting back out into the world.

In fact, Lopez recently partnered with the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI), an organization that works to benefit public health through better buildings and stronger communities, to help spread the word about its new WELL Health-Safety Rating. The rating — which was developed by a team of nearly 600 public health professionals, virologists, government officials, and architects, among other experts — examines details such as cleaning and sanitization procedures, emergency preparedness programs, and air and water quality management to help verify the general safety of a public area in the form of a seal. In the coming months, keep an eye out for public spaces — from iconic landmarks such as the Empire State Building to fitness communities such as Life Time Fitness — with the WELL Health-Safety seal on their windows or doors, which will let you know that they're following COVID-19 safety protocols. (Related: Should You Go to the Gym During the Coronavirus Outbreak?)

"There were so many things we took for granted that are now not so easily accessible, like going to your favorite restaurant or movie theater, or even to your office," Lopez tells Shape. "Now, when we go anywhere — especially places that are indoors — we wonder if that place is safe." Of course, there's still no guaranteed way to COVID-proof your life or your day-to-day activities, but Lopez says her hope is that the IWBI's safety seal will help people feel more at ease with the idea of returning to shared public spaces in the months to come. (Related: What Are the Psychological Impacts of Social Distancing?)

Regardless of where the pandemic takes us in 2021, Lopez's mantra for the year ahead is one worth living by: "Stay focused on things that are really important in life [and] surround yourself with people that you love and care for."