The former SHAPE cover girl dishes on shoes, motherhood, and how she does it all


She went from a Midwestern Catholic schoolgirl to the pages of Playboy. As if that's not enough of a step, the beautiful and talented Jenny McCarthy rode that Playmate stardom all the way to the big and small screens. Now, as a successful actress, comedienne, TV host, activist, author and former SHAPE cover girl, the proof of McCarthy's staying power is in the pudding.

The 39-year old single mom recently added designer to her accolades, partnering up with the popular Kim Kardashian-backed site, and is even launching her own diet plan. A lot has happened since we last caught up with her so we sat down to get the scoop.

SHAPE: First off, why did you want to collaborate with ShoeDazzle?

Jenny McCarthy (JM): I designed a shoe for Autism Awareness Month and it sold out in just a few days. Either the shoe was that awesome or I have an army of moms out there who want to help out my cause.

SHAPE: I think it's safe to say mostly everyone knows about your work for Autism, but for readers who are unfamiliar, tell us why the cause is so important to you?

JM: My 9-year old son Evan was diagnosed with [the illness] in 2002. I made a promise to God that if I was pointed in the right direction as to how to heal my son, I would teach the world how I did it. Since then I have not stopped raising funds and awareness for this cause.

SHAPE: You're always in such great shape. What are your favorite workout routines and any fitness tips and tricks you can share?

JM: I love yoga and hate running on the treadmill, but I still do it 45 minutes a day. I have a motto: "Running 45 minutes a day, keeps the fat away."

SHAPE: You're a host, comedian, author, model, and an actress… What's next on your roster?

JM: OK, are ya ready? I'm hosting Love in the Wild for NBC, which premieres in June. I'm hosting another show for NBC called Surprise Surprise, which comes out this July. My late-night talk show for Vh1 premieres this fall, and my 8th book comes out in October called Bad Habits: Confessions of a Recovering Catholic!

SHAPE: Any tips for busy moms like yourself, and busy women in general, to incorporate fitness into their lives?

JM: Yes, you JUST GOTTA DO IT. Wake up early and JUST DO IT. I have to yell that to myself every morning. Working out does make you happy. If you are feeling depressed in your life, working out is way better then [anti-depressant drug] Abilify!

SHAPE: What about dieting? I know you've mentioned Weight Watchers in the past. Any special diets you follow now?

JM: Yes, I created one called The Soup Diet. It will be in stores soon!