The actress and Honest Company cofounder shares her beauty and skin-care secrets—and why she's really looking forward to her 40s.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

You might assume Jessica Alba would be content with her successful billion-dollar Honest Company empire. But with the introduction of Honest Beauty (now available at Target), she proved that with her business savvy, there's no category (even one as competitive as the beauty industry) that she can't tackle. And it's not the only area of growth for the actress and businesswoman-Jessica just announced she's pregnant with baby number three. As part of her new campaign with Zico, we chatted with Jessica about everything from her summer skin-care and makeup tips to how she's raising daughters to be confident women in an Instagram-obsessed world.

She never talks bad about herself.

"I talk to my daughters about how what really makes someone beautiful is how kind they are, being genuinely happy, and not being mean-spirited and grumpy. I talk about how it's all of those things that make someone a beauty, not necessarily anything physical. And when it comes to body confidence, I make a point to never talk badly about myself. They're sponges, so not putting myself down in front of them is important. But my daughters are pretty perceptive and they're aware when they see something that's Photoshopped. They'll say, 'Oh that's airbrushed, they're selling something.' They've seen all the filters on Snapchat so they know! I educate them and tell them it's all fantasy and about playing a pretend character. When you pretend that it's not a fantasy is where you get into trouble because people are holding themselves to standards that are just not realistic."

She shows her daughters her business grind.

"I try not to put too much emphasis on the acting and entertainment side, they're not really exposed to it. I put more emphasis on the other side of what I do [with The Honest Company]. I think it's nice for Honor to see me work, so I bring her on business trips to New York and take her out of her bubble. I bring her on legit business meetings with investors, and she'll just sit outside the glass conference room and be bored, but that's good for her. I think it's important for her to see her mom grind."

She launched Honest Beauty for this important health reason.

"I didn't want beauty products that only worked some of the time. I wanted them to work for the red carpet, I wanted them to work on a movie set, and I wanted them to work at home. There wasn't anyone addressing the marketplace from that perspective. And I wanted everything to be about the quality. You know, there are over 1,200 chemicals that are banned in the EU just in personal care alone. And here it's like, 11. We're guinea pigs. Everything that's touching your skin is going to affect you in some way. And it's not just one ingredient in one product-it's the buildup of what's in your deodorant, your hair care, your nail polish, your skin product-it's everything we use that's going to accumulatively affect our health."

She swears by this 5-minute makeup routine (and a ton of water) for glowing skin.

"I never leave the house without makeup. Even if I'm working out, I always at least have concealer on to cover dark circles or blemishes. (And sometimes I'll put on a de-puffing eye cream too.) Then I'll put on a cream blush, a chapstick, and something called a magic balm that I'll use to highlight certain high points of my face. So that's my 5-minute 'I gotta get out the door' routine. If I'm going to work, I'll usually do a little bronzer, mascara, and a brow filler, but that's kind of it. For my skin, I use a face oil without moisturizer because it's too heavy on my skin with the humidity." (Read more about her beauty and exercise routine.)

"I also drink a ton of water all the time. I feel like that always helps. So does packing in more veggies, lean protein, good fats, and fruit. I don't have a lot of whole grains in my diet. But really my skin looks best when I sleep-when I'm on vacation it's perfect." (Check out her go-to workout smoothie recipes next.)

Why she says she actually can't wait to age.

"My advice to anyone struggling with [finding themselves] is: turn 30 or have a kid. Both those things really helped me. I think it's true that you get better with age. It's weird cause society tells women that you're at your peak when you're like 18! But when you're over 30 is when you really start to kind of get your feet underneath you. I'm 36 now and I feel great. And I think in my 40s I'm gonna be really dope. I'm really looking forward to that. Because you hope that you're not kind of going backward in life and that you're always learning and getting better. I think if you ever want to have kids you should just do it. A lot my friends want to hold out for everything to be perfect-the house, the partner, the job-but truth is there's never a good time to do it. And after it happens, it's awesome."