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Jessica Alba Talks Self-Care, Family Time, and Her Must-Have Products

Self-Care Shortcuts

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Multitasking is a way of life for Jessica Alba. Since giving birth to her third child, son Hayes, in December, the actor and entrepreneur has completely relaunched her Honest Beauty brand. The updated product collection boasts improved clean formulas, new packaging, and lower prices, which make life easier for busy women. “I no longer have time to plan ahead,” Alba says. “I just handle things as they come now.”

This is where her favorite product, MagicBalm ($18;, comes in. It’s one fix for every type of skin surprise. “I put it on dry lips, tap it down the bridge of my nose and along my cheekbones to add a highlight, and smooth it over any areas where my makeup clumps,” she says. “It makes me look hydrated. When I’m dehydrated, I look so much more tired.” That explains why Alba is also motivated to “pound water, which I spike with chlorophyll and rose water,” she says. (Related: Jessica Alba Shares the Smoothie Recipes She Makes Before and After a Workout)

Her other trick for finding inner and outer radiance: self-care Sundays. “When the baby naps, I fill the bathtub with salts and body oil, put on a charcoal face mask and a hydrating hair mask, and chill,” she says. But for the ultimate reset, she has to get out of town. “All my best beauty days happen on vacation,” Alba says. “It’s because I get to sleep.” For more of what keeps Alba at her pretty happiest, read on.

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Nail Polish

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"Red nail polish is a fun change from my normal nude."

Try: Butter London Patent Shine 10x Nail Lacquer in Her Majesty's Red ($18;

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My Family

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"All my kids have to do is look at me—even before 6 a.m.—and I'm happier."

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Bath Salts

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"The Little Market has really nice bath salts that I add to my bathwater. I love that the company empowers female artisans around the world. They also have incredible scrubs and personalized candles."

Try: Bright Endeavors Rose Soaking Salt ($18;

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Multipurpose Balm

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“Honest Beauty Magic Balm ($18; is everything.”

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Pink Lenses

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"Everyone looks their best in a rose-colored filter." Shown: Gentle Monster Jumping Jack sunglasses ($345;

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"I love a facial; it’s my most fun, luxurious thing to do. In New York, I go to Joanna Vargas. In Los Angeles, Shani Darden. There’s nothing better than landing at the airport and heading straight to a facial then taking on whatever is happening after that. And Joanna Vargas sheet masks are great for DIY."

Try: Joanna Vargas Dawn Face Mask ($75 for 5;

(Here's what Shani Darden puts on her face every day.)

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A Slip Dress

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"It makes me feel pretty." Wear: Nili Lotan Cami silk-satin maxi dress ($595;

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Body Oil

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"Honest Company Honest Organic Body Oil ($10; makes my skin so smooth."

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Spin Class

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"While I’m spinning (I go to CycleHouse) I don’t really like it, but after—once the sweat stops pouring out of my body, which takes about 45 minutes—I always feel pretty and happy." (Thanks, post-exercise endorphins!)

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