The Simple Healthy Living Practices Getting Jessica Alba Through Quarantine

Your quarantine experience might have more in common with the star's than you think.

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Like all of us, Jessica Alba is doing ~ all the things ~ while at home during these last nine months of quarantine: She's balancing her business life, running natural baby and beauty brand The Honest Company, with parenting, family time, staying fit, and trying not to finish every day with a giant glass of wine. (Relatable much?)

Read on to learn more about the things keeping her going right now, and some of the life lessons she's learned in this wild year.

She starts every day with a face mask.

"I have been starting my day with a mask — it's like a religious practice at this point," she tells Shape. "I wake up and I put on my Prime and Perfect Mask (from Honest Beauty) and go get my coffee, and I start to get the kids ready. Then it dries in like 10-15 minutes, and I'm forced to take that time for myself to like take off the mask and put on my moisturizer (The Daily Calm Lightweight Moisturizer, another Honest Beauty product)." (P.S. This mask was also part of her pre-Oscars skin-care routine that she shared on Instagram.)

"It's like a smoothie on my face," says Alba. "It really wakes up my skin." The mask is packed with moisturizing shea butter and antioxidants including vitamin E and polyphenols to help nourish and revive tired skin.

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The Honest Company Prime + Perfect Mask

The Honest Company

She's learning not to take fitness too seriously.

One major silver lining of this whole year? Alba is getting way more family time with husband Cash Warren and daughters Honor, Hayes, and Haven — and that includes staying super active together.

"I've been doing lots of walks with my kids or my husband, my parents, and now I've recruited friends," she says. "It's really nice because it's not so strenuous on the body. You can listen to like podcasts or you can chat, but you're still getting a decent workout."

"That's something I've learned is that you don't have to like kill yourself for fitness, but you can actually go slow and steady and your body will still get those benefits from it," she says. "I still get sweaty and all of those fun things."

In addition to walks, Alba says she's done a bit of HIIT training and finds workouts on YouTube that the whole fam can join in on. "Sometimes I'll do it with my kids; there's this dance guy that we do some of his dancing videos as well," she says. "We switch it up a lot because we get bored. The kids will say, 'yeah, that looks like a fun person!' or Honor will say, 'that seems like a body-positive person.'" Which, can we just take a sec to acknowledge how amazing it is that Alba's mission to be body-positive with her daughters is totally rubbing off.

She's trying to find a healthy balance.

Alba says watching her parents get older has sparked some new motivation to beef up healthy habits. "Getting older sucks," she says. "My husband and I both had this moment where we're like, 'We need to change our habits. We're not getting any younger.' So we've been going to the doctor and making sure that we get everything checked and creating new, healthier, better habits."

Just as with so many of us, Alba says her family really leaned into comfort food and drinks toward the beginning of quarantine — banana bread! takeout! wine! — but are trying to find a healthier balance these days, including drinking less alcohol.

"We decided we don't need to drink during the week, which is a big one because it's so easy to have that glass of wine every single night during COVID," she says. "We got to a point where it was like every night was indulgent. We were like, 'we're supporting local restaurants!' But then every night we'd be having fried food or this crazy dessert — every day it was something. So we decided we need to eat healthy at least four days a week; we don't drink alcohol, eat a lot of veggies and lean meats, good fats. Then we can go for it Friday, Saturday, Sunday. So we're not extreme, but at least we're not like going in every single day, which is what we were doing before. And then just being diligent about the fitness, just doing something, versus nothing every day." (And she's onto something. Read: Why the 80/20 Rule Is the Golden Standard of Dietary Balance)

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