The Sports Illustrated stunner spills her look-great secrets

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She may not (yet) be a household name, but you've most certainly seen her face (or her body). The exotic Jessica Gomes, an Australian born model of Chinese and Portuguese descent, has graced the pages of the past five Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions and has been featured on numerous magazine covers including MAXIM and Vogue Australia.

Now preparing to launch her very first skincare line, we caught up with the jet-setting supermodel in between trips to Palm Springs and her native Australia. She shared her top travel beauty secrets (a mask in flight!), why she doesn't work out while traveling, and why she thinks a SHAPE subscription is a top priority.

SHAPE: Obviously with your exotic looks, you were born for supermodel stardom. How do you keep yourself in top model form?

Jessica Gomes (JG): First off, I read SHAPE every month! It's seriously my go-to magazine for great tips and advice that all women can relate to. As far as fitness, I've been modeling for 10 years and I've literally tried everything. Finally, I found something that has changed my body and really works. I am based in L.A. so I have access to celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson's studio. I work out three to four times a week for an hour there and really enjoy the dance-inspired classes.

Through the years, I've learned not to ‘overwork' my body. Days of rest in between workouts are so important! In the beginning, I'd work out like crazy, every day for two hours a day, and I noticed my body would just hang onto the fat. Getting enough sleep and days of rest are a priority now.

SHAPE: You mentioned diets. Any special diets? I wouldn't imagine you eat brownies every day.

JG: (Laughs). With food, I just have one rule; I try and stay away from breads and pastas! Other than that, I eat everything! I follow the Paleo Diet (also known as The Cavewoman Diet) which works really well for me. Anything that can swim, run, or is grown from the ground is allowed on the diet. I've tried being a vegan and following a raw foods diet, but none of these are sustainable when you travel a lot. At least now, I have tons of options no matter where I am.

SHAPE: You travel a lot, so how do you squeeze in workouts while you're on the road?

JG: Since I'm usually working while I'm traveling, I'm keeping active. I just do yoga and stretching and drink lots of water and eat healthily. It's so hard because we tend to crave junk food while we're traveling so I bring my own snacks from Whole Foods so I'm not tempted.

SHAPE: What keeps you motivated?

JG: I am very fulfilled with what I'm doing and that helps. I always need to keep it moving and keep learning through doing amazing projects. Every day I wake up and try to be inspired. I say ‘what can I do to make today better than yesterday.' Also, a little Rihanna, Kanye West, and Jay Z on the iPod help too!

SHAPE: You're starting your own skincare line. Tell us about it and share your skincare secrets with us.

JG: Since I'm half Chinese, I love the Asian aesthetic behind cosmetics. Asian women have amazing skin and there's a science behind it. They use botanicals like green tea, ginseng, and rice, ingredients that are all-natural and high in antioxidants, so that's my secret! I wanted to create something that I know works. I feel like a mad scientist mixing up formulas! I think it's important as women that we share what we've learned and share our secrets. The line will be out in about a year or so.

SHAPE: You travel the world and we know flying can be so dehydrating! How do you keep your skin hydrated?

JG: Sometimes I literally go right from a plane to a photo shoot. It's so important I don't get dehydrated, as it shows in my skin. The flight attendants think I'm a freak but I'll take these hydrating cloth masks from Amore Pacific and wear it during a long flight! They come in packets so they are easy to throw in your bag and then dispose of when you're done! And every morning and every night, I cleanse my face and moisturize. I always make sure I get all my makeup off at the end of the day, no matter what, and exfoliate twice a week.

SHAPE: What about getting your skin bikini ready? Any tricks there?

JG: I usually do a salt scrub and then get a spray tan before a big photo shoot. Even an over-the-counter self-tanner works as well, just to give you that natural glow and make you feel more confident!

SHAPE: You're a reality star overseas. Any plans to pursue that in the states?

JG: I had my TV show in Korea but it's so strange having cameras following you everywhere! But I say never say never. I love TV and film so that's definitely in my future.