Jessica Simpson's Secret to Happiness Is Making Time for Family and Self-Care

Taking the time for skin-care treatments, daily journaling, and Rice Krispies Treats with the family keep this star feeling upbeat about life.

Jessica Simpson
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It's abundantly clear that family is where Jessica Simpson draws so much of her joy. "When I hear my kids cackle, it's the most healing sound. It's contagious," says the singer and author of her memoir, Open Book (Buy It, $16, "My whole family starts giggling together, and it's like some form of happy laughing therapy."

She and her husband, Eric Johnson, have three children, and she relishes in creating little traditions with each of them. For daughter Maxwell, it's making Rice Krispies Treats together. (Coating their fingers with butter is their delicious secret to keeping the marshmallow from sticking to them.) "We eat half the pan, and then the boys get jealous,"she says. "Family is everything to me. More than anything, I want to teach them morals and values and to keep them safe but not afraid."

Simpson balances that togetherness by making sure to spend time alone, which has helped her stay creative and calm during a ridiculously chaotic time. When life gets overwhelming, she holds her Jacquie Aiche necklace to feel grounded, and then she takes pen to paper, which she's done from a young age. "It gets my thoughts out and lets me face them on paper," she says. "I know I can't carry the weight of the world and all those thoughts all the time. After a busy day of taking care of everyone, this clears my mind so I can have a restful night of sleep."

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Simpson also makes time to take care of her body. "I've dealt with eczema since I was a kid. But after having my daughter Birdie, I had such bad flare-ups that I wouldn't even show the pictures of me holding her to my friends," she says. Now she's partnering with Eucrisa, a topical prescription for eczema relief. (

And she's not afraid to try some out-of-the-box skin-care treatments, either. "During this pandemic, I've gone down a skin-care rabbit hole, and I've been using a red-light therapy mask too," she says. "I'm obsessed with doing red-light therapy treatments at home. I place the anti-inflammatory device everywhere on my body, including my scalp, stomach, and boobs. I have fewer wrinkles at 40 than I did at 38!"

These self-care moments are what get Simpson through the trials of everyday life. "Otherwise, I take it one day and one moment at a time," she says. "There's power in knowing I made it through."

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