The fitness guru shares her body-transforming moves and confidence-building mantras that have helped her look and feel better than ever

By Shape Editors
June 24, 2015
Martin Rusch

After twenty years in fitness as America's original celebutrainer (and five runs on the cover of Shape, including last year's jaw-dropping nude photoshoot), Jillian Michaels swears she's never looked or felt better. And in this month's issue, the living breathing badass billboard for her body of work is giving up her secrets and sharing the routine she does herself. Take a sneak peak of the uber-inspiring action shots and pick up the July/August issue for the full workout.

On tapping into your full potential: "When you feel strong and you accomplish something physical that you didn't think you were capable of, your heart and mind open up to many possibilities that previously felt out of reach in other areas of your life."


On how to get maximum calorie-burning benefits: "I like to train the body from as many different angles as possible to use every modality available to do it."


On nailing poses like this: "Years. It took me years to learn some of these moves. Plus patience and perseverance."



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