Our June cover star rocks her new Fabletics swimsuit collection and shares the mix of workout routines and apps that that keep her in "tip-top shape"—even when she's jetlagged in a hotel room

"When I exercise, I need to connect to myself and see how I'm feeling at the moment, because my mood is constantly changing," Kate Hudson explains in her June cover interview. Her MO: Be totally fine with doing it on the fly. "Some people need structure and a regimen, but I'm not a planner," says the free-spirited 37-year-old actress, mom of two boys, author of the recent book Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body (here are six things we learned from her book about self-love!) and cofounder of the Fabletics activewear line, which just launched a swimsuit collection.

Figuring out what really works for her physically and emotionally-and just as important, what doesn't-has been a lifelong journey, and as Kate will tell you, she has tried about a billion different workouts along the way. Today, she's finally landed on a listen-to-your-body and stay-motivated philosophy that has gotten her the best results of her life. Live and learn! Here, she walks us down her (sometimes bumpy) workout road.

Her Body Breakthrough

"I was 19 when I discovered Pilates, and I'm still doing it. It's the workout my body really responds to. It's all about alignment, elongating your spine, and strengthening your core. It makes me feel my strongest. Pilates is always challenging. The advanced moves are amazing, but so hard. I also love TRX because it's similar to Pilates in that you use your own body weight. But for me, Pilates is the best."

Kate Hudson

Outdoors Wins, No Matter What

"I'm a nature girl. I grew up in Colorado and was always outside. I still am, even when I'm in the city. If I'm in Amsterdam, I get on a bike, ride everywhere, and really see the place. I love that freedom, which you can't get in a car. In New York City, if I'm staying downtown and have a meeting uptown, I'll put on my earphones, listen to great music, and just walk. There is nothing better than walking in Manhattan."

When She Can't Get to the Gym

"There are a couple of workout apps that I use, like QE2, a full-body routine created by my Pilates teacher, Nicole Stuart. It keeps me in tip-top shape. Then there's Hot5, which I love because each workout is only five minutes long. When I'm in a hotel room and feeling jet-lagged, I can do one or two and it really gets me going. I also like Sworkit. You can do it anywhere, even in the smallest space, and break a good sweat in just 15 to 20 minutes."

Kate Hudson 2

The Aggression Workouts

"Sometimes I just need to do aggressive routines, like boxing. I also recently tried a popular new workout in L.A. by Taryn Toomey, called the Class, and I loved it. It's kind of hard to describe-it's like an intense boot camp combined with cardio and yoga. It's also a spiritual experience in which you get rid of old toxic energy. It's very cool but definitely for people who are really into pushing themselves hard."


"I love my shape because I work really hard at it. I honor my body by working out and seeing what it can do." (ICYMI: Find out why our May cover girl Khloe Kardashian loves her shape.)

For more from Kate, pick up the June issue of Shape, on newsstands May 24.

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