How the former Miss Alabama went from cheering in the stands to starring in ABC's Splash

By Kristen Aldridge
March 19, 2013
Getty Images

It's safe to say brunette bombshell Katherine Webb has already had an incredible 2013. After being called out by ESPN's Brent Musburger during the nationally televised BCS college football game for her insanely good looks, the model and 2012 Miss Alabama USA has become an overnight media sensation. Since that infamous day, Webb has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, modeled lingerie for Vanity Fair, covered the Super Bowl for Inside Edition, and is currently showing off her toned and trim bod on the new ABC reality competition show Splash.

We sat down with the media maven to dish on fitness, fame, and what's next!

SHAPE: First off, tell us about your new show, Splash. It sounds pretty exciting (and intense)!

Katherine Webb (KW): There is definitely nothing like it on TV. It's basically me and 10 other celebrities in a diving competition. We've been training intensely with Olympic diver Greg Louganis for the past six weeks, diving off one- to 10-meter platforms. He really works with us on our form and how we enter the water, because we'll be judged on all that.

SHAPE: Are you new to diving? How are you adapting to the crazy heights?

KW: This is all totally new to me! I've never professionally dove before in my life. I never thought I would be afraid of heights until I got up there and realized I would be jumping 35 feet in the air going 35 miles per hour. You don't know what's going to happen and you're always scared! My main strategy is to have the right mindset and go after my fears. There's no holding back.

SHAPE: Tell us more about the training you're doing for the competition. It sounds pretty rigorous!

KW: It really is. We train two hours a day, but it's pretty exhausting to do more than eight hours a week. The first thing we do is stretch to loosen our muscles. Then Greg does different drills to teach us how to dive properly, have proper posture, and perfect our form in the air. After the basic training, we did trampoline work with a harness and learned how to do tumbling, tricks in the air, things like that. Then we started doing tricks from the platform in a harness. It's been really scary getting used to the height and free falling into the water. It's hard not to be worried that you'll do a belly flop or land on your face!

SHAPE: I can imagine! You seem really athletic and are in such awesome shape. What's your normal workout routine when you're not diving?

KW: I'm very tall (5'11"), so that allows me to have more places to store extra fat (laughing). I don't have to work out as hard to stay in shape because I'm always so busy and I like to eat healthy. I'm in the gym three to four times per week, jogging on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes. I also do weight training to work on my arms and legs. But yes, my height definitely gives me an advantage when it comes to my figure.

SHAPE: You mentioned you like to eat healthy. What's a typical menu for you every day?

KW: Lately I've had to purchase more on-the-go meals because I don't have time to sit down and eat. I tend to buy the Healthy Choice meals; I really like the Pineapple Chicken with Brown Rice. I just try to stick to clean foods, anything grilled like salmon, chicken, fish, brown rice, and veggies. I do have a really big sweet tooth, so I try to curb my cravings with fruit instead.

SHAPE: Do you have any celebrity body crushes, someone's figure you really admire?

KW: Candice Swanepoel from Victoria's Secret! She's tall and lean, but she also has muscle. I think she has the perfect figure; she really is my woman crush.

SHAPE: Any beauty secrets from your pageant days you can share with us?

KW: Pageant makeup is so different from your day-to-day look. When you're on stage you really have to pack it on. For every day, I really like a natural foundation like Armani-it's super thin but covers well. I'm also obsessed with Urban Decay eye primer, and you can't go wrong with Dior Backstage. I've gotten used to using individual lashes as well. A lot of girls will use strip eyelashes, but the glue comes out of each side and it gets messy. Individual lashes make your eyes look bigger and much more natural.

SHAPE: How are you dealing with all this sudden fame? You are everywhere lately!

KW: I'm just taking it day by day and really learning how to create a brand and image for myself. I'm also learning how to handle the media. You have to be 100 percent comfortable with yourself and who you are. You'll have unflattering pictures posted on the Internet for all to see, so you have to be able to handle yourself and stay true to yourself. I won't let the industry change me into something I'm not.

SHAPE: What's next for you?

KW: Everything has happened so fast since January! I definitely want to stay in fashion and focus more into branding and doing campaigns. I'm just finishing up Splash now, but I have a feeling it might be my last time on television. I've really enjoyed working with everyone on set, but I don't love it as much as I enjoy doing other things, like being involved with charity groups, speaking, and traveling. I'm looking forward to moving back to Alabama and traveling when I need to. I'm so grateful for all the opportunities that I have been given, and looking forward to what's next!

Check out Splash on ABC premiering Tuesday, March 19 at 8/7 c and follow Katherine Webb on twitter.