We talked to the trainer about her refreshing outlook on new motherhood—and how her Tone It Up cofounder Karena Dawn is helping her keep her mental health a priority.

By Kylie Gilbert
January 29, 2019
Photo: Kohl's

She may be one of the OG fitness influencers behind the wildly successful Tone It Up brand, but after giving birth three months ago, Katrina Scott has no desire to return to her "pre-baby body." So, seriously, just don't ask her-or any woman for that matter-when she's "getting her body back." (Related: Katrina Scott Shared a Video of Her Postpartum Belly to Show Appreciation for Her Body)

Yes, she runs a fitness brand for a living, but as she's documented on Instagram, that doesn't mean the "baby weight" just immediately fell off. "I didn't lose one pound in the eight weeks of not working out and breastfeeding," Scott tells us at a recent workout event with Kohl's. "Everyone says, 'You're going to lose so much weight from breastfeeding, you're going to lose weight and bounce back even without exercising!'-and then I started working out and I gained three pounds! You know what, every body does different things and you just need to make sure that you listen to yourself and not anyone else."

She says she approached her pregnancy itself with the same attitude. For her, that meant "completely surrendering" to the process and listening to her instincts-"I didn't do classes, I didn't read parenting books. I didn't want to have expectations in my head. I'm going on instincts, and when I need help, I'll ask the Tone It Up community or Karena [Dawn]."

As best friends and partners in both business and fitness, Dawn was Scott's accountability partner and spiritual guru throughout the process. "Karena was my workout partner for my entire pregnancy, and she reeled it back with me when I was not working out," she says. ("I put on the same weight!" Dawn jokes.) "And now we're going to lose the baby weight together. Just finding someone really great in your life to support you is important," she says. (Related: The Workout Excuse the Tone It Up Girls Want You to Stop Making)

Even more important than the physical component, she says Dawn helped her keep perspective. "Going into pregnancy and uncharted territory for nine months, the number-one thing Karena taught me is that it starts up here, with your mental health," says Scott. "You need to take care of your mental health before you take care of your body and anything else."

"Meditation has helped me for years, and it was something that we felt that we wanted to share with the community too with our app," she says. "There are so many health benefits-it's been proven to help with high blood pressure, stress levels, and can help you live longer," says Dawn. "It's physical, mental, it's what you're eating-it's this trifecta that makes up Tone It Up."

While Scott and Dawn don't exactly subscribe to "resolutions," focusing on being present is important for both women in the new year. For Scott, that means continuing to focus on meditation even when alone time is hard to come by. "I did it last night in the bathtub. I was like Oh my gosh, I'm alone, what do I do? I'm going to listen to Karena's voice [referencing the meditation on the TIU app]. For me, I've always struggled with slowing down and getting out of my head, and looking inward to see what's going on."

Post-pregnancy, it's been even more important for Scott to keep that mental component in check. "Body-positivity is even more important when you become a mom," she says. "It's about giving yourself patience and grace and love. You're superwoman and you've done something incredible." (Related: Why Tone It Up's Katrina Scott Says She Prefers Her Post-Pregnancy Body)

And at the end of the day, it's about tuning out any outside pressure, she says. "People keep asking me, when are you going to get your body back? And I say, this is the body!"

Scott's main "resolution" for 2019 is simple: "I just want to be a good mom and be patient with myself because this is a new gig," she says. "I'm learning to be okay with everything and I'm figuring out my new normal-even if I have to do an interview while pumping-I know that I'm the only person that can judge me. No mommy shame."

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