Because those abs definitely don't lie.

Like many pop stars before her, Keke Palmer spent some time on the Disney Channel, during which she acted and sang on the soundtrack of the Disney Channel Original Movie Jump In. But Keke-and her fitness routine-have come a long way since then. You might recognize her from some of her girl-power pop anthems (you're not alone if "The One You Call" got you through a high school breakup or two), in Scream Queens, as a "Pink Lady" in Grease: Live, or a smattering of other music, film, and TV projects. (Oh, and add author to her résumé: in January she released a book, I Don't Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice.)

One thing's for sure: Through all her work, Keke's amassed a serious following. (Just look at her 5.2 million Instagram followers.) And while, yeah, we'd kill for her vocal pipes, dance moves, and acting skills, her latest music video, "Wind Up" (you can watch it below) has us really impressed with her athletic body.

We caught up with Keke to see just how she got in top shape for the video-because those abs don't lie.

Her healthy eating go-tos: Breakfast is eggs and an apple. Then peanut butter as a snack. Lunch is a salad with about 4 ounces of chicken, followed by second snack later-usually veggies and nuts. Dinner is fish and a salad with an evening snack of fruit.

The workouts that get her so fit: I love abs exercises and thigh workouts. When it comes to weight gain, I have to watch my legs and butt most. I find the more muscle I have, the more manageable maintaining my weight becomes. My workout routine fluctuates in intensity depending on the project. Right now it is pretty simple: cardio with light bodyweight training. Every now and then I will do small weights but I'm just trying to stay in shape right now and not doing any extra sculpting. I worked really hard for my "Wind Up" music video. I wanted to have the stamina to dance my heart out when we were shooting-and look sexy and fit in the wardrobe choices.

Her fave abs move: When my abs are sore from a tough workout, it makes me feel like a superhero- especially my obliques. I love to do side planks with hip dips. (Follow Keke, and try this full oblique workout that will definitely leave you sore AF.)

Why self-love is the key to her kickass confidence: My confidence is predicated on the things I do to feel good about myself. When I listen to my body and make the best decisions, it lets me know how much I'm loved-if not by anyone else, by me. And that's what's most important. (Thankfully, she's not the only celeb advocating self-love.)

How fitness is helping her conquer career goals: Physical strength is tied to mental strength. Working out and staying in shape first became important to me because of my aspiration to become the female Will Smith-but then I started to realize how it also shifted my thought process and made me feel more in control of my life. Fitness is a practice for me; it helps me in all aspects of my life. Diet is important too, especially when I fall off my workout plan. (And actually, diet might be more important than exercise for losing weight anyway.)