By Claire Connors

Think trying on bikinis alone in the dressing room is intimidating? Take a walk in Kelly Osbourne's Uggs. The TV personality-she's currently dishing the dirt on celebrity style on E!'s Fashion Police-arrives at the SHAPE cover shoot, sees the room full of gorgeous (but skimpy) suits and practically faints! "I've never worn a bikini in my whole life," she says, holding a red one up to her newly slim body. "Am I really about to bare all to the entire world? I'm so nervous!"

For the first time ever, Kelly Osbourne reveals her brand-new bikini body and tells us how she lost 50 pounds, got fit, and gained confidence-the healthy way.

Kelly: Weight Lost, Confidence Gained

Kelly talks about emotional eating, Dancing with the Stars, and what really helped her lose weight.

The Kelly Osbourne Weight-Loss Workout

Transform your body with this high-intensity workout routine.

Kelly Osbourne's Favorite Things

See the sexy stilettos that make her feel (and look) amazing.

Kelly's Cardio Playlist

Rock your workout with these songs.

Kelly Osbourne: "What I Eat Every Day"

3 small changes that transformed her diet-and her body.

Behind the Scenes at the Kelly Osbourne Cover Shoot

The exercise she hates and two she loves.

Photos: Kelly Osbourne Then and Now

See how her body has gone from flab to fab.



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