The Olympian started a new health festival that's "beach volleyball meets Wanderlust meets Coach­ella." Sign us up.

By By Kerri Walsh Jennings
Photo: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

For Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings, the magic of beach volleyball begins with its locale. Here, she shares how that connection to the outdoors helped spark her to create a movement.

Beach volleyball is kind of a metaphor for life-it's about not just strength and stamina but also communication and teamwork. And it has taught me that if you just train the body, you're going to burn out. That's why it's so important to learn to be present. I'm always bringing myself back to the moment by acknowledging the wind and paying attention to digging my feet in the sand. In the early morning on the beach, you can really feel the spirit of the world. That's what's so great about nature: You don't have to be rich to have the luxury of breathing it in. (Related: Science-Backed Ways That Getting In Touch with Nature Boosts Your Health)

There's something profound about Mother Nature, with its power to ground you-so much more than sitting in your office or car possibly could. When you're in the present moment, all your anxiety about the future or past goes away, and you can experience things more fully. We have 1,440 minutes each day, and I use that as my filter to live this beautiful, connected life. Seizing those moments was my inspiration behind creating a movement I call p1440 [the p is for platform], an outdoor beach volleyball and health festival. I wanted to share the best ways I've experienced to spend those minutes to benefit the mind, body, and spirit. (Related: Olympic Beach Volleyball Player Kerri Walsh Jennings' Body Confidence Tips)

The p1440 events are beach volleyball meets Wanderlust meets Coach­ella. You and your family can be inspired by watching the pro com­petitions but also take part in the training, breath work, yoga, and meditation that turn me into a Jedi. (Weekend events start September 28 in San Jose, California. See


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