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Will Khloé Kardashian Ever Catch a Break from Body Image Haters?!


The Kardashians put it all—good or bad—out there for the world to enjoy. And the world is happy to not only enjoy but also rip to shreds. Hairstyle, makeup, weight, clothing choices, pregnancy bumps, and especially their generously endowed backsides are all considered fair game to internet haters. So when it comes to body critiques, Khloé Kardashian may have thought she had heard it all—until this week, when people started calling her out for a "weird looking" knee. Yes, you read that correctly. People think that the joint that allows her to move like a normal human ought to be prettier. (Check out 20 Celebrity Bodies We Need to Stop Talking About.)

But Khloé, who has been wearing self=confidence like it's the new leopard print, was not having that nonsense. "For those of you commenting about how my knee looks funny.... I have had three major knee surgeries," she wrote. "One was reconstructed due to a car accident when I was 16. So yes, my knee will always look funny but I'm healthy."

This shutdown comes on the heels of the release of her Complex photo shoot, which was—to put it mildly—show-stopping. But going after Khloé's wonky knee? It's just proof that her haters have been left to pick from insult scraps. After all, the youngest Kardashian also recently shut down questions about whether her photographed curves were made in the gym or on the screen. Khloé proved her stunning magazine spread was the result of hard, sweaty work when she posted the unretouched photo on her Instagram beside the published version. The only difference between the two? Smoothed out shadows and skin—no digital nips or tucks in sight.

Khloé captioned the unretouched photo with, "This one is for all the troll haters out there that cannot seem to give me an ounce of credit for my daily workouts!" You know what Khloé? Trolls will be trolls—but we are more than happy to give you the credit you have seriously earned. (Proof: 12 Times Khloé Kardashian Inspired Us to Work Out.)


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