Kristen Bell's Self-Care Philosophy All About the Little Things In Life

The actor and founder of skin-care brand Happy Dance turns to CBD, moisturizers, and puzzles to chill out.

Kristen Bell’s Self-Care Philosophy All About the Little Things In Life
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"Beauty isn't what you look like. It's about how you feel," says Kristen Bell, a mom of two. With that in mind, Bell has embraced a mostly makeup-free life throughout the pandemic. "Although when I need a pick-me-up, I throw on a little mascara or lip balm," she says.

And while Bell is going easy in the beauty realm, she's actually carving out more time for workouts.

"Most days, I run or lift weights for at least 30 minutes," she says. "Or I'll take a CrossFit class on But if I don't have the energy, I refuse to beat myself up. Instead, I'll do a 10-minute meditation or stretch class on YouTube to prioritize myself."

Her go-to piece of loungewear to slip into afterward: A Pangaia hoodie (Buy It, $150, and matching track pants (Buy It, $120, "I'm not sure I'm able to wear real clothes again, and I'm OK with that," she says.

That is a perfect example of Bell's self-care philosophy: "It shouldn't be a big event," she says. "No one should wait for an outing to take care of themselves. It should be something that happens many times a day in different ways. For me, it could be calling up a friend to watch my children when they're being feral and turning my house upside down, or taking a minute to apply a body butter that puts me in a meditative mindset." (FTR, Happy Dance All Over Whipped Body Butter + CBD [Buy It, $30,] is her post-shower essential.)

Happy Dance All-Over Whipped Body Butter + CBD

Happy Dance All-Over Whipped Body Butter + CBD
Happy Dance

Sneaking away to work on a puzzle, falling asleep wearing a sheet mask, and incorporating CBD into her health and skin routines are other frequent acts of self-care.

"When I started taking Lord Jones CBD tinctures [Buy It, $55,], I was able to turn down the volume on the millions of things going through my head," says Bell. She went on to collaborate with the brand to launch her own CBD skin-care line called Happy Dance. "It's high quality, affordable, and delightful, and 1 percent of profits go to A New Way of Life, a Black-owned organization founded by Susan Burton that provides housing and support for women rebuilding their lives after prison," she says.

Lord Jones Hemp-Derived Broad-Spectrum CBD Tinctures 250mg

Lord Jones

Making a positive impact brings joy and a sense of accomplishment, "as does the responsibility of raising good humans," adds Bell. "They are draining and loud, but seeing them be kind, learn something new, or create their own opinions fills me up with so much self-esteem."

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