She's back with the brand after working with them 20 years ago.

By By Didi Gluck
Photo: Peter Lindbergh

Award-winning actress and filmmaker Isabella Rossellini, 66, is once again a Lancôme ambassador-her first work for the brand in over 20 years. So we asked the legendary beauty to share what keeps her looking and feeling timeless. (P.S. Lancôme isn't all she's got goin' on. Rossellini will star in the film Silent Life in 2019, and she wrote and is performing in a theatricalized lecture Link Link Circus.)

The Right Praise

"Some women-and I am one-don't desire to be younger. When women tell me, ‘You don't look 66,' I say thank you, but it doesn't mean much to me. But if someone says, ‘You look so good, sophisticated, and elegant,' that's 100 percent a compliment."

Telling Her Story

"When I was 42, after being a spokesmodel for Lancôme for years, my contract was not renewed. I wasn't bitter, because everything at that time began to dwindle, including my magazine and film work. But now I'm with Lancôme again despite my age because they want to include all women in their advertising. At heart, I'm an artist and an entertainer, so I think it's very positive to be part of the Lancôme story, because it's a story of female emancipation." (Related: Former Model Linda Rodin On How to Age Gracefully and Fashionably)

Living Clean

"A cream cannot solve all your problems, and neither can eating organic for a week. If you have a healthy eating regimen your whole life, you will be a healthier person. If you have a regimen of protecting your skin your whole life, your skin will look better longer." (Related: The Latest and Greatest Skin-Care Products)

Celebrating the Now

"I dream of far-away places, but ultimately what I crave is my own backyard. For me, glamour is celebrating what we have instead of what we long for."


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