Lea Michele Shares Her Genius Healthy Travel Tricks

The Glee star's latest wellness obsessions, including how she stays fit and healthy on the road (and in the air).

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Lea Michele is the poster child for celeb fitness. Whether she's pulsing it out on a Megaformer, hitting the hiking trails in LA, or breathing into yoga poses on a beach, she makes staying active (while maintaining a killer career) seem super easy. (Seriously: Here are 20 different times she inspired us to work out.)

While she's on tour with fellow Glee star Darren Criss, Lea may be away from her go-tos (like this sheep's milk yogurt bowl... and fiancé Zandy Reich), but she's mastered the art of staying healthy and fit on the go.

Her Healthy Flight Hacks

Airplane face masks may be an established ~thing~, but Lea Michele takes in-flight wellness to new altitudes. "I'm that crazy person on the plane, who people are either inspired by or are looking at like 'who is this nut?'" she tells Shape. "I have a very special travel bag that includes all of the things I need when I'm on the plane."

"As amazing as travel is, planes can take a lot out of you," she says. "They're very dehydrating. Being a singer and being a performer, I really need to keep myself as well as possible."

Her tricks for a healthy flight:

1. Hydrate. "Once I'm in the airport, I buy a huge bottle of water," she says. "You need to hydrate as much as possible."

2. Sanitize and purify. "I wipe down the seat before I sit down, try to sanitize as much as I can, and I keep an air purifier around my neck," she says. "I have these essential oils, which are the best natural way to ward off germs." (You can score a personal air purifier right on Amazon.)

3. Stay cozy. "I keep this big scarf around my neck and keep a tea bag-either calming tea or peppermint tea-to keep me nice and warm in the plane," she says.

4. Fight jet lag from the inside-out. "I have my face sprays, and there's this great new product that's called Summer Fridays that's a jet lag mask that you can put on your face while flying," she says. "I've actually had a couple of people next to me be like, 'Can you stop with the potions?' and I apologize and put my kit away." (Try it: $48; summerfridays.com)

Fitting a Workout In-Wherever, Whenever

While fitness is an obvious priority for Lea, she tries to make the most of wherever she's visiting: "I really care about traveling, seeing the world and visiting places," she says. "So, if it's the type of vacation or trip where I'm in nature and want to breathe fresh air, then I'll make an effort to go hiking." But she still keeps an eye out for her favorite studios: "I'm a big yoga girl and a big hiking girl. I love CorePower yoga; that's my favorite," she says. "So, I'll see if there are any local CorePower studios and, of course, I'm a huge lover of SoulCycle, so that's what I'll do [if I'm near a studio]." (Try a sample CorePower yoga workout.)

She allows for some non-workout fun too: "I wouldn't necessarily try so hard to squeeze a workout in and go to the gym when I could be eating pasta in Italy."

While Lea sticks to her standing favorites, Darren, on the other hand, is super adventurous, she says. "Darren loves to explore and he loves to try different types of workouts and find new ways to get exercise." Whether it's a workout or something else, they take the little bit of free time they have on tour to get a taste of whatever city they're in. They've teamed up with Marriott Moments (a new initiative that allows you to book activities and experiences while traveling around the world) to get ideas and squeeze activities into their busy tour schedule. "Something like this is so perfect for us right now," she says. "We're really trying to make this a good experience for us as friends and make memories for the two of us while also doing our job."

Her Latest Post-Travel Wellness Obsession

"I'm a really big fan of the infrared sauna but I've also started to do cryotherapy. So, when I get somewhere, I'll see what the cool place for cryo is and do a combination of infrared and cryo," she says. (BTW, here's everything you need to know about infrared saunas and cryotherapy for sore muscles.)

Basically, Lea has mastered the art of self-care-because her job depends on it: "The better I feel, the better I can perform," she says.

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