The former Gossip Girl actress wants kids to have access to healthy food, and this cause is close to her heart.
Photo: Raymond Hall/Getty Images

Thirteen million kids in the U.S. face hunger every day. Leighton Meester was one of them. Now she's on a mission to make changes.

For Me, It's Personal

"Growing up, there were many times when I didn't know if we were going to be able to afford to eat. We relied on lunch programs and food stamps. Today one in eight Americans faces hunger or food insecurity. Most of us don't realize that people can be hardworking and still struggle to put food on the table. And when children go to school hungry, they're not going to learn as well. That's why I'm so happy to be working with Feeding America. I've served meals with them to kids at the Para Los Niños charter school in Los Angeles and to women at the Downtown Women's Center. It has truly enriched my life." (Related: Why You Should Consider Booking a Fitness-Meets-Volunteering Trip.)

Start with the Good Stuff

"Feeding America puts an emphasis on healthy food. At Para Los Niños, we put together a farmers market for the kids to bring home fruits and vegetables. The amazing thing to me is that they really love healthy food. Children are very open to trying new flavors."

From Passion to Purpose

"I'm so lucky to have the platform to bring awareness to this. When you're passionate about a cause, it's even more fulfilling. Find out where you can donate or volunteer your time. We all need to be there for one another." (Related: Olivia Culpo On How to Start Giving Back-And Why You Should.)