We spoke to the actress about her workout routine, beauty tips, and more.

By Renee Cherry
March 14, 2018
Photo: Noam Galai / Getty Images

Lucy Hale hasn't been any less busy since the finale of Pretty Little Liars. She's since starred in the new CW show Life Sentence and the upcoming horror movie Truth or Dare.

"My plan was to take a little bit of a break but I'd signed on to Life Sentence before we had even finished filming for PLL, so I didn't necessarily have a moment to let it sink in that [PLL] is over," she says. "I think now I'll have a little time to chill and be normal for a bit which will be nice." We caught up with Hale to discuss how she's been spending her rare downtime.

Her gym bag essentials: "I have my little to-go kit in my car that I keep just for the gym. Obviously, the goal is to shower after you work out, but sometimes I just don't have the time, so that's where deodorant comes in handy. I like the spray version of Degree's Ultraclear Black & White Deodorant (Hale has partnered with the brand). It's great because it's made to not stain your clothes so you can wear something more than once. I'll also pack makeup wipes and perfume." (Related: The Trick to Packing Gym Clothes In Any Bag)

Her fitness class lineup: "I'm into this thing called Training Mate, which is a class in LA. It's circuit training, basically everything you do with a personal trainer except you do it in a class with like 50 other people. But what's so great about it, it's an Australian company, so all the teachers there are just like really hot Australian males. So, of course I'll show up! But I've been into SoulCycle for a while. Hot Pilates is great every now and then. And then I have a personal trainer who I work with. I need to keep it new and fresh; if it's the same thing I'll end up not going. I need to constantly keep trying new things and challenging myself."

Her skin-care obsession: "I love makeup, but I'm obsessed with skin care. I always say I'd love to be an esthetician if I weren't an actress. I love everything about it. Right now, the skin-care product I can't live without is micellar water. It's easy to travel with, and it's handy on those nights when you're too tired to do your skin-care routine." (Check out these convenient cleansing sticks.)

The hair trick she wants to master: "My hair girls are always trying to teach me how to get texture. Obviously when we think texture we think curling iron, but they're trying to teach me to do it with the flat iron. It's about the angles. I still can't figure it out." (Boost your hair volume post-workout with these quick tips.)