"I’ve learned there’s no one way to be an activist."

By Molly Longman
June 22, 2019
Roy Rochlin / Contributor/Getty Images

For Madeline Brewer, 27, the Handmaid’s Tale star, there is no right—or wrong—way to help others. The important thing is just to do something. Here, how she does it.

Join forces.

“Our cast wants to help shine a light on the stories of women around the world who are suffering abuse. We made a video with Equality Now—a nonprofit organization that fights for the legal rights of women and girls globally—to make the point that the horrendous things that happen on our show also happen to women in real life.

When I spoke about what these women and girls had gone through, it reinforced what we are doing on the show to tell these stories. It also made me realize the need for more advocacy to give a voice to the voiceless.” (See: Why You Should Consider Booking a Fitness-Meets-Volunteering Trip)

Find what works for you.

“If you had asked me five years ago if I considered myself an activist, I wouldn’t have said yes, because I didn’t understand what it looked like. It’s easy to feel you’re not doing enough or that you’re not eligible to speak out about something because you haven’t experienced it yourself. I’ve learned there’s no one way to be an activist—it’s different for everyone. You have to do what feels right for you, whether it’s donating money, participating in a march, or speaking out on social media.” (Related: Olivia Culpo On How to Start Giving Back—and Why You Should)

Playing a supporting role is valuable too.

“I don’t feel as if I’m a world changer, but I understand the importance of using any visibility I have to support those people who can change the world. I want to align myself with organizations making a difference and help them the best way I can.”

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Shape Magazine, June 2019 issue

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