We talked to the This Is Us actress, who is Fossil's newest brand ambassador, about her workouts and making time for mindfulness and self-care.

By By Brooke Ely Danielson
Photo: Getty Images for Fossil

Fossil has a new brand ambassador and she's pretty badass: Mandy Moore is a Grammy-nominated singer, star of This is Us, oh, and she's hiked to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro-NBD. To celebrate, the brand and Moore hosted a "Women Celebrating Women" dinner (yes, her co-star Chrissy Metz was in attendance) where Moore opened up about her role in helping to design the newest Fossil smartwatch-plus how she uses it to push herself even harder in her workouts with the heart monitor tool. She shared some insights into her current workout routine, and how she stays mindful.

She uses the Fossil smartwatch to track her workout progress.

"I worked with Fossil on designing the watch faces for their smartwatch-I have a lot of fun wearing those. I based the dial designs of the watch on elements of my house that I spent over a year redoing. One of them is a marble, one of them is a geometric brass inlay with terrazzo. It's fun being able to change the face on any given day depending on my mood. But I also like that I can track my steps and calories burned, and my heart rate and all-when you know those things you are armed with more information. I think you are more empowered to push yourself a little bit harder next time. It's fun to gauge where you are, versus a couple of months ago."

Her personal style is super laid-back.

"I tend to wear jeans and a t-shirt, or just a super-easy dress. I like sneakers and Birkenstocks-I'm not fussy. There is a time and a place to dress it up, like throwing on a blazer, a leather jacket, or a cute boot-but if I am just running around, I generally keep it pretty casual. Which is why I also like the Fossil Tailor style. It just feels really chic. You can dress it up or dress it down."

Acting helps her practice mindfulness.

"In a weird way, being an actor, you are sort of forced to practice being [mentally] present to a certain degree anyway. That's kind of how we do our jobs. Your headspace has to be very clear and you have to be a good listener. That requires a real steadfast sort of presence of mind and body-but I wish I employed more of that in my day to day life. I guess that's the lesson I should take away from work. Work is oddly the one thing that does center me because it forces me to stop, and although I am thinking about one thing, and not necessarily letting it all float away, there is an odd bit of practice in that."

She always mixes up her workouts.

"I generally work out with a trainer-circuit training and cardio. My trainer came up with the VersaClimber Rise Nation class, so I'll do those as well. But I really like mixing it up with a SoulCycle class, or a hike. I like to change it up so my body doesn't get accustomed to one workout or another." (Check out our cover interview with Mandy Moore for more on how she works out and fuels to reach her fitness goals, plus how she overcame body insecurities.)

Her definition of self-care changes every day.

"It can kind of vary, but I am somebody who doesn't skimp on rewarding myself. Sometimes I come home from work, take a really nice bath, listen to some good music, have a glass of wine, and light candles. Or it can be like, I am going to go with my man and have an incredible six-course tasting menu. Or, I'll plan a trip with my girlfriends to New Orleans and have three days of madness."


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