Her 2.4 million followers agree: The self-taught trainer, entrepreneur, and model provides nonstop inspiration and advice.

By By Didi Gluck
February 28, 2018

You'd never know that Massy Arias was once so depressed that she locked herself indoors for eight months. "When I say fitness saved me, I don't mean just the exercise," says Arias (@massy.arias), who believes going to the gym helped improve her mental health (without medication) by making her accountable to others. (She later relied on gym sessions to help her cope with postpartum depression and anxiety.) "I started meeting new people, and they would ask me when I was coming back to the gym," she says. Exercise also kept her mind occupied with positive thoughts, all of which she religiously chronicles on her self-titled blog and Instagram feed.

Arias still doesn't work out to look a certain way, and believes that doing so can just end up hindering results. "When you associate exercise with an aesthetic goal such as 'lose 20 pounds,' you're going to fail," she says. But when you train for performance-to jump higher, move faster, or run farther-you can't lose because you're connecting to something positive." (On that note, how much exercise you need totally depends on your goals.)

In addition to acquiring millions of acolytes through her trials and triumphs, Arias has created a supplement company (Tru Supplements) and a nutrition and exercise program (the MA30Day challenge, massyarias.com). She's also an ambassador for CoverGirl and C9 Champion, a clothing line that's exclusive to Target. On top of all that, Arias recently became a mom to daughter Indira Sarai. Busy? No doubt. Balanced? Totally.