The blonde bombshell reveals her secrets for staying bikini-ready all year-round

Odette Sugerman

She's got the stunning good looks of Anna Nicole Smith, the poise of Claudia Schiffer, and is being labeled the next Brigitte Bardot of our generation. Meet blonde bombshell Ashley Diana Morris, the newest model set to don bikinis and lingerie for the iconic Guess brand. Not only is the 5'9" stunner absolutely gorgeous, but she truly has the stuff dreams are made of; she was discovered by famed photographer Odette Sugerman at a Dierks Bentley concert (even though she had never modeled before!).

Known worldwide as some of the sexiest girls on the planet, 
Paul Marciano and his Guess campaigns have made megastars out of countless models, including Laetitia Casta, Kate Upton, and Josie Maran. There's no question Morris is on the verge of superstardom, so we sat down with the bodacious beauty to talk about the new campaign, the workouts she loves most, and her secrets to looking that good in lingerie.

SHAPE: You are in such amazing shape! As the new model for the 2013 Guess bikini and lingerie lines, how do you stay bikini-ready all year round?

Ashley Diana Morris (AM): Thank you! I stay in shape with healthy eating, portion control, and keeping workouts interesting by rotating through different types of classes. Knowing that I may be called at any moment to do a photo shoot in a teeny bikini on a beach somewhere keeps me committed to a plan where my body measurements are consistent.

SHAPE: What type of workouts do you do, and how often do you work out?

AM: I work out at least five days a week. It is part of my lifestyle now and I really enjoy it. I do everything from yoga to Barre Fitness classes to jogging. I try lots of different workouts to keep things exciting and love having workout partners to do classes with. Steve Nash Fitness is right across the street from where I live and their trainers always seem to be able to push my limits.

SHAPE: Give us the scoop on your diet! What types of healthy foods do you eat every day?

AM: I've really learned how to control my portion sizes. I am still allowed to have some of my favorite foods, but instead of an entire bowl of pasta, I measure smaller amounts and try to pay more attention to when I am full. I love the peanut butter Clif Bars as snacks and just started eating dried coconut chips that are really delicious. I'm going to be honest though, I have had to learn to love Brussels sprouts and spaghetti squash instead of cheese pizza and poutine. From a girl who loves to eat, it hasn't been very easy. I get grumpy sometimes when I am hungry for unhealthy foods. It's a daily battle.

SHAPE: What is a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

AM: I am big on morning shakes. I combine protein powder, peanut butter, almond milk, and a banana for my breakfast. For lunch and dinner, I try hard to get in greens and protein (mainly chicken/fish). Monday to Friday I am very controlled with what I eat, and then I look forward to a Saturday "cheat day." I have realized if you can take out excess carbs during the week, you can trim your body up a lot faster! I just wish pasta wasn't considered a carb!

SHAPE: Who is your fitness icon in the modeling world? Is there another model's figure that you find absolutely amazing?

AM: Marisa Miller. Her body is off the charts! I admire how much dedication she must have to be in that great of shape! Brooklyn Decker also has a healthy, beautiful figure.

SHAPE: Any tips and tricks for looking awesome in lingerie that you can share with us?

AM: Crash diets and cleanses only work for a short time. You really need to make healthy eating and living a lifestyle choice. Treat your body well. Having a workout partner to have fun with and keep you focused works great too. I use weights on my ankles to tone my butt and barre style workouts and yoga for shaping those tough spots (triceps and inner thighs).

SHAPE: As a new Guess girl, how does it feel to be in the likes of Claudia Schiffer, Anna Nicole Smith, and more?

AM: A huge honor and big shoes to fill! Claudia has been doing campaigns with style and class for 20 years now... she's so iconic.

SHAPE: Now that you've conquered this campaign, what's your next modeling goal?

AM: It would be a dream to model for Sports Illustrated one day or walk the runway for Victoria's Secret! I've also started working with a few charities that I believe in to use some of my recent media exposure to help them with their causes.

For more on new Guess model Ashley Diana Morris, visit her website and connect with her on Twitter.