The actress has some solid advice for maintaining ~balance~

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June 08, 2017

When it comes to intense workouts, actress Sarah Hyland says bring it on (we bet she'd love this intense Tabata workout). She says the same to pizza and tacos. It's all about balance and these creeds.

I'm strong–and proud of it.

"I like to build muscle by strength training with my trainer. I do an hour-long full-body workout five to six days a week whenever I can. We focus on different body parts, and in between each one, I do one or two minutes of cardio. It's pretty intense."

Treat your body well.

"Do that, and it will treat you well. Hey, I'm the first one to pick up Taco Bell or a pizza. But as long as you account for it with exercise, you're fine. I believe in everything in moderation."

I love working out so much.

"It's really fun for me. I get an endorphin rush and feel good about myself. Plus, my trainer is like my fit therapist! We talk about life, and before I know it, my sets are done."

Perfection is not a thing.

"I'm naturally confident, but I still have insecurities. And that's OK. As long as you feel good about your body, that's what really matters."

I keep my head in the game.

"I have a tattoo on my wrist that says 1, 2, 3.... It reminds me to count to 10 when I'm stressed, scared, or upset, and it clears my head. It also reminds me to be spontaneous and active-like when you go cliff diving and count to three before you jump. Looking at my tattoo helps me live my life better every day."


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