After getting married and gaining 11 pounds Monica shares how she’s gotten back on track.

By Karen Borsari

When Monica came by our office to promote her latest album New Life we were so impressed by how balanced her life is and how open she is about it all. She couldn't stop talking about how happy she is with new husband, L.A. Lakers' Shannon Brown, (she actually confessed to putting on 11 pounds of "happy weight" after their wedding) and how her family, immediate and extended, is making changes to live a healthier lifestyle. We learned a lot during the singer's visit. Here, we share her top six tips with you.

Watch the salt

The singer hasn't sworn off the salt-shaker entirely saying, "I've been more conscious of my salt intake, sugar intake, making sure I'm not eating as many processed foods."

Goodbye fried food

Monica is from Georgia, "so I love to deep fry but I've learned to alternate between baking and grilling. So just moderation has helped me to find the balance."

Water, water, water

Hubby Shannon Brown is the drink pusher at their house. Monica admits, "I have to press myself to drink a lot of water. My husband has taught me a lot about how important it is … For me it's hard to get down a gallon a day but I try. I watch him get down two so I always push myself to try to get down one gallon."

Make fitness fun

With three young boys it's easy for the newly weds to stay moving, but to keep activity levels up the couple, "spend[s] a lot of alone time walking, jogging, hiking, doing things like that that are fun and you don't think about the fact that you are working out."

Music motivates

Monica loves the StairMaster but, "whenever you want to do an hour on the StairMaster you need something that's going to take you away so you can feel empowered and continue to tell yourself you can do it."

Find your favorite fruits and veggies

Monica told us she always has fruits and vegetables on hand but the two she loves most, that you will always find in her fridge, are cherries and pickles. "I don't know why I love cherries and I love pickles. I eat about two or three Claussen pickes a day. Those are just things I snack on."

To get more of Monica's health tips and her workout playlist check out this video from her visit with SHAPE.

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