Becoming a mom completely reshaped the way she thinks about her body.


Hilary Duff is the definition of a hands-on mom (the good kind). While she makes sure to set aside time for self-care-whether that's a quick workout, getting her nails done, or catching up with a friend over lunch-running around (literally) with her 6-year-old son, Luca, is her main focus.

Hilary has always been a workout devotee, but Luca is basically her personal trainer these days: "He's obsessed with tag, which is the most exhausting game you can play," she tells Shape. "But I'm excited; I'm boosting my cardio, and I'm spending time with my kid."

They also spend plenty of time swimming in their backyard pool (or with dolphins, like on their recent Bahamas vacation), hiking, and doing anything to get outside. She wants all kids to have that same opportunity to get outside and stay active, which is one reason she's partnered with Claritin and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to launch the "20 Minutes of Spring Project." For every post with #Claritin and #20minutesofspring accompanying an outdoor adventure photo, a $5 donation goes to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America to help kids explore their environment.

"This campaign made so much sense to me, because my favorite time with Luca is spent outdoors, and because it's encouraging people (with and without kids) to get outdoors, and get their eyes away from the screens to spend time together," Hilary tells Shape. "All that vitamin D is important."

When Hilary spent four chilly months in New York City filming her hit show Younger (it returns to TV Land for its fifth season on June 5), she fit in some killer training sessions at NYC's Soho Strength Lab. But for Hilary, there's no place like home back in sunny LA, where she's known for hosting an informal workout club in her backyard with all of her mom friends and her trainer.

"We'll just toss the kids in the pool while we get a full workout in-running circuits in the backyard with bands, balls, and a bunch of other stuff," she says. "I hope to do more of that this summer."

When she's not running HIIT circuits with other moms, she's facing off with Luca in scooter races. "We go scooter riding outside-Luca loves scooters. I finally had to buy an adult scooter (I know it's ridiculous), but we have a lot of fun," she says.

Motherhood has totally changed her perspective on her body as well. She owns her #MomBod and has no problem shutting down body-shamers. (Here's why everyone needs to #MindYourOwnShape and stop the body hate.)

"Women are so amazing," she says. "When I look at my body and see stretch marks from being pregnant, or my boobs aren't where they used to be, I look at Luca and think, 'I can't imagine my life without you, so if I have a few of these battle wounds from having you, I don't really care.'"

She encourages other women-mothers or not-to embrace the body love too. (See: How Hilary Duff Embraced a Body Part She Didn't Always Love) "We're born with these bodies: We have one heart, we have one mind, and one body that we get to take us through this life. Of course, you're going to have days where you don't feel so strong," she says. "If you just can't find something that you love about your body that day, just appreciate that it gets you where you need to go."

Which, in Hilary's case, is anywhere Luca takes her.