The actor, designer, and environmental activist will make you think differently about your day-to-day choices.

By Jennifer P Barthole
August 14, 2019

You may know Nikki Reed from her role as Rosalie in the darkly romantic Twilight saga, but it's actually the actress' interest in environmental impact that has us tuned in these days. Keep reading to hear about her new passion project and let her inspire you to make a difference.

The Magic Moment of Awareness

“Once I became aware of my impact on the planet, I wanted the pieces I wore to come with a story that was good for the environment. I launched BaYou With Love, a jewelry, skin-care, and apparel line, to create sustainable and ethical products that I couldn’t find in the marketplace. I was pregnant at the time I was dreaming up the company, and like all soon-to-be mamas, I was searching for products that were extra clean for my body and my conscience. When I couldn’t find them I decided to try and make them."

Striking Gold with Her New Venture

We launched with skin care and apparel and, shortly after, received a phone call from Dell [computers] about gold they’d gathered from the motherboards of their recycled technology. They truly prioritize sustainability within their company, and part of our collective goal was to highlight their incredible work in that arena. For decades they’ve been figuring out cool and innovative ways to reuse their own materials in their supply chain, but gold felt like the perfect medium to branch out.

I come from a family of jewelry designers, and adding jewelry to BaYou was always a part of the plan, I just had no idea how quickly it would take off. Gold is gold, no matter where it comes from, and I could feel a shift in the overall perception of sustainable goods when we introduced luxury into the equation. Understandably, people don't want to compromise on quality or luxury when they spend their hard-earned money, yet they desperately want to support companies that are doing their best to create sustainable products through their business. Gold is the perfect medium because people know what they’re getting; its a familiar material in a territory that might be unfamiliar to them."

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Yes, Your Choices Matter

“I’m not perfect, I’m just aware of the rent I owe for the resources I use. My theory is that once you are aware of your impact on the planet, you can’t become unaware. Once you know about the benefits of reusable water bottles and grocery bags, you make an effort to bring them with you. Once you know about water shortage issues, you don’t leave the sink running. You can't. You see the world differently. You make the extra effort because your own conscious wouldn’t allow you not to. It’s easy to be lazy, but its also easy to be considerate and compassionate."

Her Mission to Start a Movement

"Being conscious of what we spend our money on is one of the most effective ways to create immediate change. My goal is to inspire a more sustainable and ethical approach to running a business: I now fight for causes I believe in through the non-profit space but also through the choices I get to make as a business owner.

I suppose the ultimate goal is for BaYou With Love to encourage other companies to try and think about how they operate and inspire a more sustainable approach. The conversation is inclusive, not exclusive, and we all win when more people start adopting this mentality. There is room for everyone to be sustainable and ethical.” (Related: Be Part of the Conversation About Food Sustainability)

Shape Magazine, September 2019 issue


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