"I simply detox before I 'retox,'" the Vampire Diaries actress shares.

By By Jenn Barthole
Updated: April 27, 2017

Nina Dobrev, best known for her role as Elena on The Vampire Diaries, says the best cure for a killer hangover is an intense workout, preferably outdoors. She demonstrated her theory during the second Coachella weekend, where she joined the Reebok team at their Classics crib to lead an early-morning sweat session and filled us in on her fitness routine.

Shape:You're a serious Coachella veteran and have been attending the music festival for nine years! What's the best way to preserve your energy throughout the weekend?

Nina Dobrev: "I simply detox before I 'retox' by working out every morning before hitting the festival. My favorite workout currently is Les Mills, especially the HIIT workouts, which make me feel powerful and energetic. I always encourage the entire group that I'm with to work out together because it keeps us accountable and allows for healthy competition."

Shape:Temperatures at Coachella can rise to over 100 degrees. How do you handle working out in the intense heat?

ND: "Drinking tons of water is key. At Julianne Hough's bachelorette party in Cabo we worked out in the sun every single day. Julianne's sister is a workout instructor, so each morning one of the sisters led a class. Despite how much fun we had the night before, we would all wake up, sweat it all out, and jump in the pool at the end. It was awesome!"

Shape: Speaking of Julianne, you have a serious Hollywood posse (Sarah Hyland, Jessica Szohr, Ruby Rose). How have you maintained such strong friendships in a competitive industry?

ND: "The people you surround yourself with are a representation of you and you're naturally picking up habits of those people. Therefore, I try to surround myself with a group I admire who push me to be the best version of myself. Julianne is the perfect example. She is so kind and supportive of everything I do. We work out and cook together. There is a positive energy there. I've been very lucky to find such a lovely group of women to have as friends."

Shape: What's your go-to Coachella look?

ND: Well, I typically wear workout clothes in my day-to-day life and the festival weekend is no different. Depending on the temperature, I wear a sports bra or crop top alone or layered under a bomber jacket. Comfort always comes first, so I'll rock Reebok Classic Leather sneakers. On an average day at the festival, I walk eight to 10 miles!



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