The social media superstar and travel pro gives us her tips for looking good in every time zone.

Olivia Culpo's Instagram is a whirlwind of fashion and travel inspo. And whether she's headed to an international fashion show or supporting her man, Danny Amendola, at a Patriots game, the former pageant queen always manages to look effortlessly stylish, fit, and enviably photo-ready-even while schlepping bags in the airport.

We sat down with her at a celebration for the Nine West 40th Anniversary Capsule Collection (Olivia is an ambassador for the brand) to find out the top travel hacks for looking and feeling good while constantly on the go.

How Olivia packs light for one to two weeks on the road: "I always plan a color story," she explains. "For example, I'll choose black or gold, or black and silver for a trip, and I'll pack all of my black shoes and metallic accessories and wardrobe options in that color." The color-coded method helps her to immediately edit her endless outfit options and put together a streamlined mini-wardrobe for a week at a time.

On the flip side, she's a bit less rigid when it comes to packing accessories. "I am a shoe and bag girl, one hundred percent," she says. "I always pack a classic heel when I travel because it's so versatile-you can dress it up or down. My go-to right now is a pointy-toe pump from Nine West called 'Faith'-I have it in black, white, and red!"

And when she's heading to the airport, she always has plenty of accessories in tow. Her go-to travel uniform is some combination of a "good pair of sneakers, a chic fanny pack, some sort of black legging, sunglasses, and a bomber jacket that I'll tie around my waist," she says.

When it comes to battling jet-lag, Olivia has a go-to regimen that includes drinking kombucha and tons of water to keep her system on track, avoiding sodium to minimize bloating, plus taking a good daily multivitamin. Surprisingly, she steers clear of caffeine but is all about melatonin and when she's jet-setting internationally. Most importantly, she won't travel without her trusty pillow so she can some solid rest on the plane. "I don't care if it looks ridiculous, it works," she says. (Although let's be real, she probably looks stylish doing that, too.)