Steal Ally Love's 'Power Five' Technique to Stay Grounded During the Holidays — and Beyond

The Peloton instructor has the whole "making time for self-care" thing down pat.

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Peloton's Ally Love is one of those absurdly talented multihyphenates that make you wonder how they're packing so much into a 24-hour day. The cycling, barre, Pilates, and dance instructor doesn't just teach a variety of Peloton classes each week (including her signature spiritually-centered Sundays With Love rides) — the model, dancer, certified health coach, and host of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team is also the founder of fitness lifestyle brand Love Squad and an avid runner (who just crushed her goal of running over 100 miles in a single month).

But despite how effortless Love makes her slammed schedule seem, she struggles to keep up, too. That's why she makes a concerted effort to unplug and recalibrate whenever she can — especially during the busiest time of the year.

"During the holiday season, I lean into this concept of 'The Power Five,'" says Love. "It's really important to understand that we are always busy or always trying to be productive, not just during the holiday season. So, it's taking five minutes for myself, locking myself in a bathroom, cutting off all the lights, meditating, breathing, just taking five minutes to say, 'what do I want to feel like today?' and 'what do I want out of this day?' There's a power of just reclaiming five minutes and owning it. Even when you have a busy or productive day.'"

Another way Love makes sure self-care doesn't slip from her to-do list is by incorporating smart tech tools. As a Therabody athlete, Love has learned to integrate the brand's deep muscle massage treatment devices and recovery accessories into her daily routine so she can stay physically prepped for all the demands of her day. "I have my Theragun (Buy It, from $249,, I use the RecoveryAir boots (Buy It, $699,, I use my infrared sauna pad wrap, and I stretch."

But beyond the physical, Love says self-care also has to incorporate mental and spiritual aspects as well. "I make sure that it's part of my ritual to take care of my entire self, not just my physical self but my mind, my body, and my spirit," she says. "Mentally, I love to do brain games, browse Pinterest, organize spaces, and really allow my mind to let go," she says. "And then for my spiritual self, I always pray and meditate. I try to take five minutes to do breathing exercises."

This holiday season, Love will stay busy at Peloton, but she's looking forward to some much deserved rest and relaxation when she can fit it in, too. "With my Peloton schedule, I make it a priority to control my recovery and self-care routine," she says. "When there is so much craziness around you during the holidays that you can't control, remember to focus on the things you can control; things that make you feel more grounded and able to enjoy this time of year." (

Here, Love shares advice on how to stay on top of your self-care game through the holiday season and beyond:

Put it on the calendar and commit. "I always recommend scheduling whatever is important to you and refuels you — whether that's a workout class, meditation, therapy, or dinner with friends," says Love. "Don't leave it up to chance and say, 'I'll get to it.' If you just have it in your calendar, that means that there is an obligation there that you have been thoughtful about and will follow through on." (See: How to Find Time to Self-Care When You Have None)

Sneak in moments of self-care throughout the day — even when you don't think you have time. "One of the ways that I prioritize my mental health is by listening to Audible books," says Love. "Not only does it allow me to be quiet and take time for myself, but it also allows me to sincerely feed my mind. I try to emphasize how I feed my body, and make time for things that are going to make me feel good. Knowledge is going to make me feel good. You can put on a book — or a podcast — while driving to do some holiday shopping or walking to an appointment."

Practice self-compassion. "Don't be too hard on yourself," says Love. "There's a lot going on around the holidays, and sometimes you can't get to it all. Remember to listen to yourself and your intuition about where you want to spend your time and energy." (More here: Exactly How to Start Practicing Self-Compassion)

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