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Photos: A Day in the Life of Dylan Lauren

Welcome to Candy Land

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As CEO and Founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar, sugar inspires Dylan Lauren's daily life—and rightfully so. With four store locations throughout the US, a line of fructose-inspired apparel and home decor, and her latest endeavor of cereal and candy donuts, it's clear the daughter of clothing designer Ralph Lauren is a business force to be reckoned with, but what most people don't know is that she's also a powerhouse in the gym. When it comes to health, Dylan's goal is to stay fit well into her seventies, just like her parents.

The so-called "candy queen" isn't into fad diets or quick fixes so she keeps things balanced by sticking to a “90/10” rule.

“I definitely sample everything. Every day, about 10 percent [of my diet] is going to be something very unhealthy, but as long as my meals are balanced with protein and vegetables, I feel good,” she says.

Dylan gave us an inside look at a typical day in her life, including every little sweet treat and drop of sweat that passes her lips!

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Morning Gym Session

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I try to do aerobics five days a week and weight training three to four times a week, working with two trainers: Ahmed Mohamed and Tony Molina. Aerobics wise, I go running and play tennis or I aqua-jog, mostly at pools in The Hamptons. I like to de-stress in the morning by running in nature. On weekends I do this beach bootcamp in East Hampton with Jimmy Minardi. It’s a fun and difficult a class of 20 hardcore athletes who run the beach, going over hurdles, up and down sand dunes, and then do pushups on logs.

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Post-Workout Vitamins

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After a workout, my face is all red and bloated. [The electrolytes in Emergen-C] help restore me. For energy before a workout, I have another powder drink called Eboost in super berry or orange flavors, as well as Vitafusion MultiVites Gummy Vitamins for adults to help me stay healthy and active.

Breakfast: Greek Yogurt and Berries

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I multitask as much as I can, and I don’t really take cabs—I try to walk. I either eat on the go or schedule my meetings during meals so I can eat breakfast and sit down somewhere. [A typical breakfast] might be Greek yogurt and berries or an egg white omelet with broccoli and chicken.

Game Time: Candy Crush

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I love colors and I love candy. It’s just amazing that this game came out because we’re doing tech accessories like iPad and iPhone covers. Everyone in my office is playing Candy Crush!

Lunch Break: Caesar Salad

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[Eating a] salad is easier for me, because I have all those Chop’t places nearby and diners that deliver. This was Caesar salad with dressing on the side and a turkey burger that I cut up.

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Sweet Treat: Candy Bar Samples

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I’m more of a gummy/marshmallow kind of person, so I don’t eat a lot of chocolate! I sample and pick at things: I’ll have a square of one or a square of another. I always have something sweet at the end of the meal.

Afternoon Snack Attack: Sushi

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Around 3 p.m., I might have on-the-go sushi with white rice because I need some protein before my workout. I love to eat sushi rice, sometimes even for breakfast. If I'm looking for energy, I'll combine the rice with a piece of fruit or protein.

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Two-a-Days: Afternoon Gym Session

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Before a red carpet event, I set a goal to do at least an hour of both weights and aerobics: weights four times and aerobics five times during the week prior. I also stick to a very low-carb diet to shed extra water weight and prevent bloating.

Worth the Weight: Arms Workout

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I love toned arms, and I judge my weight by my arms. [During my upper-body workouts], I use 10- to 20-pound weights and usually do 25 reps.  

Dinner Appetizer: Chips, Salsa, & Guac

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At Cilantro in New York City, they have sweet potato chips, plantain chips, and tarot root chips. That was kind of fun, and of course it’s common with a Mexican meal. It can be dangerous.

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Decadent Dessert: Marshmallow Fluff

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Marshmallow Fluff is my after dinner snack. I could eat the entire jar, unfortunately, so I try to cut myself off at two tablespoons. Confession: Sometimes I’ll take [Ben & Jerry’s] Phish Food ice cream and pick at the marshmallows.

Dog Days: A Walk with Jersey 

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Oftentimes I'll walk my dog Jersey on the beach, in the Hamptons and Montauk, and we'll play with a tennis ball. It actually makes me jealous that she gets such a good workout! She’s a two-year old rescue dog, and I like having her with me so people feel inspired to adopt.


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