When 27-year-old pro golfer Stacy Lewis was a teen, the game wasn't just a fun escape from high school stress, it was literally liberating. Severe scoliosis kept her in a brace 18 hours a day-except while she was on the course. A rod and five screws later, Lewis is putting her back problems behind her. Last year, she finished 13-under-par to win the Kraft Nabisco Championship, an LPGA major. Follow her advice to stay at the top of your game.

Double Up


Stacy plays four-hour rounds five days a week, so her gym sessions need to be super-efficient. One of her favorites moves: a combo row and extension. It works her back, arms, and shoulders all at once, saving time.

Try it: Attach a resistance tube low in front of you and another high behind you, and stand between them. Hold the handle of the low tube in your right hand at hip height, arm extended and palm facing left; grip the handle of the high tube in your left hand just above your shoulder, elbow pointing forward and palm facing up. Bend right elbow, drawing hand toward side as you extend left arm straight out from shoulder. Return to starting position; repeat. Do 8 reps, then switch arms to complete set. Do 3 sets.

Don't Take it with You


"When I'm working, I give 100 percent. But when I'm off, I watch movies, go shopping, or hang out with friends. It's important to take mental breaks from your job to stay focused."

Turn Heads


"On tournament days I wear Fila Golf Milos Bermuda Shorts ($80) and an Athena Polo Shirt ($60; The bright colors help me stand out on the course."

Stay Fueled


"When you're swinging a club, the last thing you want is to feel stuffed from eating too much, so I nosh on light snacks while I play." Stacy nibbles on fruit and IQPLUS bars ($30 for 12; in chococcino flavor.