Ronda Rousey Will Wear Your Tweet on Her Hand Wraps

With the #MoreThanTape movement, the MMA Fighter teamed up with Reebok to have fans' inspirational tweets printed on her hand wraps during her UFC training


Athletes and celebrities connect with their fans in all sorts of creative ways, but badass MMA fighter Ronda Rousey wants to bring her fans into the ring with her-at least their words of inspiration.

Rousey has started the hashtag #MoreThanTape where her fans can tweet how she's inspired them. Reebok will then choose their favorite 140-character stories and actually print them directly on the hand tape that Rousey will use during her UFC training for her upcoming fight against Holly Holm. (Rousey is also one of 10+ Strong Women Are Changing the Face of Girl Power As We Know It.)

The idea sparked from her own training sessions. "My coach Edmond [Taverdyan] started [writing] things on my wraps-little crosses or he would write a little message for me in Armenian and I wouldn't even know what it would mean but for some reason it was just extra-sentimental or lucky," Rousey explained. "At first I used to just cut them off and throw them away. Then we got this cage and I started taking my wraps off and rolling them in a perfect ball. One day I threw a ball back there and said ‘I'm going fill it up.' I kind of like having a visual for all the days of hard work we put in here."

And with the barrier-breaking blizzard Rousey has stirred up lately, you can only imagine the ideas she's inspiring in fans everywhere. Here, a few of our favorites that we hope make it onto her wraps.

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