Ruby Rose in her Shape Women Run the World Shoot

Ruby Rose Is a Self-Described Workaholic—These Are the Self-Care Practices That Help Her Reset

With a growing list of roles and responsibilities, Rose could use a little time to unwind. These small acts of self-care help her come back more motivated than ever before.

When Ruby Rose isn't starring as superheroes like Batwoman on TV, she's launching into action to help others. The model, actor, champion of youth mental health, and LGBTQ advocate talks about using rest time to power up for what's next.

She's letting her walls down.

"The stron­gest part of me isn't my tattoos or shaved head or being outspoken or playing a superhe­ro or being in action films. Vulnerability—that's true strength. I know I need to be vulnerable if I'm getting defensive. I have to take a breath and say, 'Hold on. What is the fear? Is it that you want to be liked? Are you worried you'll be taken the wrong way?' When I determine what the fear is, I can come to the issue with love and an open mind and let the rest melt away."

Her lifelong passion won't quit.

"As a kid, people gave to help my mum and me survive, so we could have food on the table and she could go to university. I did volunteer work. I was in a church choir, and we would sing at nursing homes. Whether it's working with [the LGBTQ advocacy group] GLAAD, teaching English in Laos, or building things in Kenya, I love to give back."

Quiet reflection calms her.

"I meditate in the morning and at night. I know it sounds really cliché, but I write a gratitude list: five things I'm grateful for in the morning, some things I'd like to do that day, and then at nighttime five things that happened that day that I'm grateful for."

Ruby Rose in her Shape Women Run the World Shoot
Erez Sabag

She's hanging with Gram.

"I'm involved in the U.K. organization Adopt a Grandparent. I was matched with a woman named Iris. I've been Skyping with her. For the exchange of time and love and care, you receive 10 times back. So I've been in discussions about bring­ing it to the United States and Australia."

"I have goals, but really, I just want to be happy."

You'll catch her outside.

"As an Australian surfer, I love skateboarding and extreme sports like snowboarding. Lately, I've been going for a jog, taking the dogs for a walk, hiking, swimming, surfing—I'm definitely outdoors. Even if I watch a Pilates session, I get the mat outside. Then I'm feeling 500 pounds better than when I woke up—it is spiritual, physical, and emotional." (And there's science to back that up. Here's how taking your workout outdoors can boost your mental and physical health.)

Ruby Rose in her Shape Women Run the World Shoot
Erez Sabag

She's manifesting happiness.

"Having finished Batwoman, I want to spend time re-centering, growing, reflecting, and becom­ing stronger. I'm a workaholic. I needed to ask, 'What do I wanna do? I'll go where I feel happy and nourished and purposeful.'"

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