How the brunette beauty stays fit and healthy despite her busy schedule

By Kristen Aldridge
July 03, 2012

Salma Hayek is one stunning senorita. As one of the most powerful Latina actresses in Hollywood today, there's no question the Mexican-born beauty is fitter, sexier, and busier than ever!

The 45-year-old sizzles as a stripper in her latest movie Americano (if you haven't seen it yet, you need to-it is hot, hot, hot!) and she'll be raising some serious temps in Savages (in theatres July 6). If that's not busy enough, the superstar is rockin' her famous curves as an aerobics instructor in Grown Ups 2, currently filming.

What's her secret to staying red carpet ready? Juicing! We spoke to the talented artist, producer, and activist herself about Cooler Cleanse, her own line of organic, locally sourced, hydraulically pressed juices that keep her skin glowing and her body feeling its best.

In 2008 the brunette bombshell and juicing devotee approached New York City juicing expert Eric Helms to co-create unique, nutritious, and delicious juice recipes, and voilà-Cooler Cleanse was born.

"It's a way to share preventative healthcare practices that have worked so well for me over the years-ones that can help everyone look and feel their best," Hayek tells SHAPE. "I have many years of experience with cleansing, so I felt I had some knowledge to share. Our modern lifestyle brings a lot of stress and toxins into our body, and it's important to help it eliminate them."

What started as a labor of love has now become a nationwide delivery service. Starting at $58 per day, the company offers everything from a day-long mini-cleanse to recuperate after a decadent splurge to three- and five-day programs to boost body functioning and increase energy.

"We use a hydraulic press, which produces pulp-free juices with three to five times more vitamins. Our kitchen uses organic produce and nuts, which is very important to me," Hayek says.

The fiery, flawless female loves indulging in rich foods from time to time, so cleansing is a great way for her to hit the reset button. "I always try to have our fresh juices in my refrigerator," she says. "I let my body tell me when it's time to cleanse… the first day is hard, but then it becomes easier and you feel energized."