By Kristen Aldridge
April 23, 2014

Cindy Crawford is incredibly genetically blessed-this much you can tell by a simple photograph. But it's her positive attitude toward all things healthy that leaves us in awe. At 48, Crawford is amazingly ageless, and credits her supermodel shape to good old-fashioned workouts and clean eating.

In fact, after being introduced to juicing company Urban Remedy through a friend, the brunette bombshell partnered with the brand to inspire other women to heal through food. Founded by licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and certified Chinese nutritionist Neka Pasquale, Urban Remedy's philosophy is simple: Food is medicine. Using only 100 percent organic ingredients sourced directly from farms and packed with nutrient-rich superfoods, it's clear why Crawford is a big fan.

We went one-on one with the mom, businesswoman, and model maven to talk about juicing, the workout routines she loves, and what items are in her fridge at all times.

Shape: What are some of your favorite Urban Remedy products?

Cindy Crawford (CC): Green juices with no fruit like Glow, Braniac, and Genius. Each green juice is full of minerals and active enzymes that aid in cleansing, detoxifying the body, helping restore balance, and boosting energy. My favorite green juices are rich in E3 Live, an all-organic aqua botanical considered one of nature's most beneficial superfoods. It makes my skin absolutely glow. I tend to stick with green juices-I really like to keep an eye on my sugar intake.

Shape: Do you make any of your own juice recipes at home?

CC: To satisfy my sweet tooth and maintain healthy fats, I usually make the Urban Remedy Mint Cacao Chip shake that combines fresh mint, spinach, banana, cashews, almond milk, and cacao chips.

Shape: Do you have any guilty pleasure foods you'll never give up?

CC: I love chocolate and I have some every day. I like to get the Dagoba Chocodrops that are 74 percent cacao. I like that they are chip size, so a small handful satisfies!

Shape: What is your specific workout regimen and how often do you exercise?

CC: I work out with my trainer, Sarah Hagaman, three mornings a week. We do circuit training for the whole body using weights, some machines, and my own body weight with lunges and squats. We usually do about 10 minutes of weights and then a five-minute cardio segment. Right now we are into running stairs, but we switch it up. We repeat the 10-minute weight and five-minute cardio at least three times and then we finish up with abs and stretching. If I can squeeze in a hike or bike ride with my husband or a girlfriend during the week, that's just a bonus!

Shape: How do you motivate yourself when you don't feel like working out or eating healthy?

CC: I think having a scheduled appointment works for me. That way, I don't really have to think about it. Regarding choosing to eat healthy, it's getting easier and easier because I know how much better I feel when I do eat right. Certainly making sure you have yummy, healthy choices on hand makes it easier to make a good choice.

Shape: What is your best beauty secret to looking so amazingly ageless?

CC: Thanks for the compliment, but no one is ageless. I do think all the years of taking care of myself have added up. I don't smoke, I have exercised for over 25 years, I use sunscreen, and take care of my skin with Meaningful Beauty. I try to eat 80 percent right 80 percent of the time and this seems to work for me. But probably the most important thing is to be living your life with gratitude. When you are grateful, you can't help being happy.