We got all the deets on her training.

Photo: Etienne Oliveau/Getty Images

Tennis champion Sloane Stephens proved how unstoppable she is when she won her first U.S. Open just months after a foot injury left her immobile (see: The Epic Comeback Story of How Sloane Stephens Won the U.S. Open). Fresh off the victory, she headed into this season strong and confident. What helps her power through competitions? Healthy snacks and bingo (yes, bingo) tournaments. We asked Stephens all about how she stays in top form.

Smashing Expectations

"I suffered a bad foot injury in 2016 and couldn't play tennis for almost a year. For the first time in my life, I had nothing to do. When I finally got back on the court, I was so excited to be playing again. I channeled all the energy that had been building up and put it into my game."

The Sweat Life

"Five days a week, I do a two-hour workout before tennis practice. I start with an hour of movement–ladder, agility, plyometrics–and then do an hour of strength training. Afterward, I play tennis for two hours. From the time I get up, I'm working out and sweating profusely. And I smell!" (This advanced Bosu ball HIIT workout will make you feel like an athlete.)

Food Flips

"I used to eat whatever I wanted. Now I work with a chef named Jen, who taught me about protein, vegetables, and the importance of healthy snacks like dates, prunes, and walnuts. Jen is my food mom. She showed me how to fuel my body in tough situations to give me that edge." (Use these 3 healthy snack recipes from Jen Widerstrom's cookbook to fuel your workouts.)

What Keeps Me Calm

"I love to play bingo, even though I never win. Everyone else in the place is 75 years old. For me, bingo is soothing. I play for four or five hours, and it's great."

Winning Strategy

"Knowing that I'm feeding my body the right stuff helps me feel confident. My philosophy: The better you feel, the better you compete."