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Sofia Vergara: My Favorite Things

Sofia Vergara's Favorite Eyeliner: MAC Eye Kohl in Teddy

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"I've worn the same eyeliner my entire life." Feel like shaking up your beauty routine? Find out how to shape your eyebrows to change your look. ($15;

Sofia Vergara's Favorite lipstick: LancÔme L'Absolu Rouge in Exotic Orchid

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"I like real lipstick because lip gloss can look cheesy on me." Not sure about lipstick for yourself? Check out these 6 lipstick tips for luscious lips. ($29;

Sofia Vergara's Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp

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"I loved him on 21 Jump Street. He's good looking but doesn't act like he knows it." Check out more beautiful people. Top bikini models of all time: Where are they now?

Sofia Vergara's Favorite Book: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garc Ía MÁrqueZ

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"Reading is my passion. I swear I don't even know how to turn on my TV." Find out what book really speaks to Jennifer Aniston and what's on her nightstand right now. ($17;

Sofia Vergara's Favorite Flowers: Orchids

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"I love orchids because they last forever. I always have flowers with me, whether on set, on location, or at home." Create a healthier environment at home or in the office with these simple tricks.

Sofia Vergara's Favorite Place to Travel: Italy in the Summer, Especially Capri

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"I like the food, the people, and the language. I never get tired of going there." Can't get away? Try one of these healthy pasta recipes and find out just how easy (and healthy) pasta can be.

Sofia Vergara's Favorite Cologne: Terre d'Herm Ès Ea u de Toilette Natural Spray

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"Men's colognes with musk, wood, and tobacco notes are so sexy." Want to know what men think is sexy. We hit the streets of New York City to get the truth! ($105 for 3.3 oz;

Sofia Vergara's Favorite Shoes: Sergio Rossi Suede Pumps

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"I'm a high-heels girl. I even wear platforms on the beach!" Make sure you're ready to look your best on the beach. ($590;


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