The Self-Care Practices Teyana Taylor Relies On to Keep Cool Among the Chaos

Creative work, R&B in the shower, and a mindful but relaxed beauty routine keep the powerhouse singer, dancer, and mom feeling her very best.

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"I've had my fair share of criticism for not meeting a certain standard of beauty, so I am very vocal about ignoring that," says Teyana Taylor. "Just be you. Real beauty is within you."

With that in mind, Taylor keeps her makeup minimal unless she has an in-person event. "It's too much pressure to be made-up 24-7," she says. Instead, skin care takes top priority for the mom of two. Her evening shower has become a sacred ritual. "I bring all my self-care beauty products into the shower knowing that it's the tiny bit of alone time that I'll get," says Taylor. "I wash my hair and skin, apply a homemade body scrub, and even brush my teeth while listening to soothing music, like Erykah Badu or Sade. I take my time because I know that as soon as I step out, it's back to mommy time."

One of her shower essentials: OlayRinse-Off Body Conditioner with Retinol (Buy It, $6, "It leaves my skin feeling amazing," she explains.

Mornings are much more hectic, but devoting a minute to moisturizing is key. "If I'm rushing around in mom mode and skip my lotion, it throws off my energy. I hate the feeling of my skin drying up," says Taylor, 30, who concocts her own mixture of olive oil, shea butter, or coconut oil and essential oils. (

Taylor also relies on mindfulness practices and creative pursuits to keep her calm. "I'm heavy on meditating," she says. "I've done it throughout my pregnancies and postbirth. It gets me prepared for the day ahead. Even meditating once or twice a week makes a difference. My 5-year-old daughter says, 'Hey, mom, are we meditating today?'"

The star's other outlet: "Directing is a passion of mine," she says. "Getting behind the lens and collaborating with others is super relaxing."

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Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioner with Retinol

Olay Rinse-Off Body Conditioner with Retinol
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