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What Andie MacDowell Eats (Almost) Every Day

What Andie MacDowell Eats (Almost) Every Day

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Andie MacDowell is one gorgeous, classy, and busy actress. As the star of the new hit ABC Family series Jane By Design, she travels a good deal and admits to eating out a lot with rich, heavy foods. But when she’s at home, MacDowell likes to do Ayurvedic Cleanses and eat simple, healthy foods.

“It’s one of my favorite methods of finding peace again after working hard,” she says. Read on to get the scoop on what MacDowell does to keep those marvelous model looks!

Steamed Veggies

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The talented actress likes to keep things simple when it comes to her veggies. “Preserving the natural attributes of organically grown vegetables is a great way to nourish my whole body again,” she says.


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MacDowell cools her palate down with this Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi condiment. “A little cucumber and yogurt along with some other digestive spices is a good addition to any spicy cuisine,” MacDowell says.

Brown Rice

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When in doubt, the tall and toned thespian goes for brown rice. “It's simple, healthy, and goes with everything!” she says.

Pickled Peppers

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MacDowell loves to spice things up with her “Mother’s Recipe:" hot pickled peppers with mango or lime flavor.

Coconut Sauce

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When craving a versatile and healthy sauce, the movie star mom mixes lime juice with grated dried coconut and fresh ginger. “You’ll have yourself a great sauce for just about anything,” she says.

Dark Chocolate

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When MacDowell splurges, she turns to all things dark chocolate.
“Thanks to all the antioxidants, it helps keep me young! Plus, it relaxes my blood pressure and balances certain hormones in my body,” she says.

Her favorite? UliMana Truffles, made with raw, organic cacao.

“They come in seven flavors and are the perfect treat to satisfy the craving for something a little sweet that tastes great and gives you energy!”

Catch MacDowell starring in the new hit series Jane By Design, Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC Family.


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