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What Chrissy Teigen Eats (Almost) Every Day

Chrissy Teigen's Kitchen Essentials

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Supermodel Chrissy Teigen knows a thing or two about how to look sexy and stunning in magazines like Sports Illustrated. So it makes perfect sense that she’s the host of VH1’s newest reality competition series Model Employee, where eight models have the chance to compete for their dream job.

“People can expect to see these girls work hard. They were thrown into some less-than-glamorous situations they weren’t expecting, but the fact that, for the most part, they met the challenges, just shows how much they were willing to push themselves to win,” Teigen says.

When she's not filming her new show or posing for photogs, the beautiful brunette is often crafting low-carb recipes to share on her drool-inducing food blog, So Delushious. When asked to reveal her kitchen essentials, one thing became very clear: Teigen is a "model employee" herself when it comes to being healthy. Read on to see her go-to grocery items!

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The one meal Teigen never skips? Breakfast! "I have to have breakfast and breakfast has to be eggs, whether in omelet form, hard-boiled, or over-easy," she says.


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Who doesn't love these little creamy treasures of nature—especially with a twist! "I love to eat avocados with salt and pepper," Teigen says.

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Tuna Salad

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For her daily dose of omega-3s, the 27-year-old beauty goes for tuna with just a touch of mayo and "lots of Dijon mustard".

Green Juices

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When it comes to her juice, Teigen prefers to go green. "I love green juices—the ones that include lots of actual greens and don't include too much apple," she says. "Because those are just meant to be yummy and we all know things that are too yummy aren't the best for us unfortunately."

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Seaweed Sheets

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Sea vegetables not only offer some of the best range of minerals found on Earth, but apparently they can cure cravings too! "Seaweed sheets are my go-to for my salty chip cravings, especially wasabi flavored ones," she says.


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According to the supermodel herself, Sashimi makes for a perfect healthy snack. "I LOOOOOOVE sashimi, mainly tuna sashimi," she says. "I will buy six pieces or so a day and just snack on them. Sometimes I wrap them up in my mini seaweed sheets."

Cashews and Almonds

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No question, Teigen goes nuts for nuts. "I actually love raw almonds with no salt (shocking), but I need me some roasted, salted cashews. Salt isn't healthy, of course, but we can't be perfect all the time."

Catch Model Employee Wednesday nights at 11pm ET/PT on VH1


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