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What DWTS Pro Kym Johnson Eats Every Day (Almost)

The DWTS Diet

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Dancing with the Stars pro Kym Johnson is always on the go. Aside from a rigorous rehearsal schedule, the pro dancer stays busy choreographing the DWTS fitness DVDs, performing on Broadway, and more so her kitchen cabinets tend to be pretty empty. In terms of stocking the fridge, “I’m on a day to day basis,” the slender star tells us but there are a few items she can’t live without.

Read on to find out what’s always in her fridge, the food she has imported from Australia, and the naughty American treat she can’t resist!


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She sure is a SHAPE girl. The first thing the dancer told us we’d find in her fridge are some vegetables. She always has carrots and other veggies on hand for healthy snacking.


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You can tell she’s an Aussie when you open her fridge. Johnson always has Vegemite on hand. “It’s an Australian thing,” she tells us.


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Maybe it’s for all those early morning rehearsals but the DWTS pro always has coffee in the house. “It’s an absolute must. I have teas as well but coffee is a must.”

Milk and Cereal

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You’ll always find milk in the dancer’s fridge but it’s there to support her cereal habit! “I have Weet Bix which I get delivered over from Australia.”


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When she’s on the go, Johnson grabs a banana. “I think it’s really filling and does the trick.”

Pre-Made Meals

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During the Dancing with the Stars season, Johnson uses the food delivery service Freshology. It arrives the night before so she can take it to the studio in the morning. “It’s kind of exciting to see what comes!”

French Fries

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Despite her devotion to Australian foods, Johnson admits, “I do love French fries, I have to say.” Looks like even a health conscious Aussie can’t resist a good old American French fry from time to time!


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