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What Giuliana Rancic Eats Every Day (Almost)

Giuliana Rancic is one busy lady! With E! News, Fashion Police, an HSN clothing line, and reality show Giuliana & Bill (premiering Tuesday, October 22 at 10/9c on E!), the TV star always has a lot on her plate.
So how does the gorgeous new mom constantly manage to look just as amazing as the actresses she interviews, despite such a crazy (awesome!) schedule? We went one-on-one with the media maven to find out her favorite foods for staying so "Fab, Fit, and Fun."
Steel Cut Oats and a Vanilla Latte

To get her morning off to the right start, the Fashion Police star turns to steel cut oats with brown sugar and a vanilla latte on the side. “This is my go-to breakfast. It really is the most important meal of the day, and this fills me up and gives me tons of energy,” Rancic says.

Raw Almonds

Natural almonds have numerous health benefits (one ounce provides half your daily vitamin E—more than any other nut—and about 8 percent of your daily calcium needs), so it's no surprise the vivacious TV personality turns to the nutrient-rich snack to stay on top of her game. “I like any and every brand of raw almonds. They are a great source of energy and serve as a quick and easy snack between takes on set,” she says.

Greek Yogurt with Blueberries

For her daily dose of protein, calcium, and probiotics, the Italian-born beauty loves Greek yogurt. “It’s good for when I need a quick snack on the go. I have plenty on hand in my office,” Rancic says.

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Tuna and Brown Rice Sushi Rolls

When it comes to her midday meal, the E! News anchor has an admiration for all things sushi. “I love picking up sushi from Whole Foods for lunch,” Rancic says.

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Pretzels and Hummus

Healthy snacks at the office are a wonderful way to fuel your day, something the glamour gal knows well. “Pretzels with hummus are another great source of protein with low fat. I’m snacking on that right now.”

Kind Bars

The 39-year-old keeps her heart healthy with all-natural Kind bars. “They have very few ingredients and fill me up,” she says.


There’s nothing better than a guilty pleasure every once in a while, especially when it’s all about family. “I love indulging in pasta. I'm Italian, so it's in my blood. My all-time favorite is Mama DePandi’s bucatini pomodoro. I love it so much we even offer it on the menu at our restaurant in Chicago, RPM,” she says.


“My husband Bill and I both have a sweet tooth so we love to indulge in dessert. We have a decadent dessert like ice cream or banana cream pudding at least two or three times a week. And we load it up with toppings—whipped cream, cookies, and candy,” she says.

Be sure to catch an all-new season of Giuliana & Bill Tuesdays at 10/9c on E!


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