10 foods the 30 Rock star and MAXIM cover model can't live without


Katrina Bowden, who plays Cerie-the assistant to Tina Fey-in the acclaimed NBC series 30 Rock, has already had an exciting and jam-packed 2013. On top of celebrating the end of the the successful comedy TV show (after seven successful seasons, the finale is set to air Thursday, January 31, at 8/7 p.m. EST/CST), she also kicked off the new year by gracing the cover of MAXIM magazine-and man, does she look good! The newly engaged star is also planning her wedding this year with her fiancé, musician Ben Jorgenson.

We caught up with the gorgeous blonde after the TV series wrap party, which was sponsored by Nokia, where she snapped photos of her and her cast members with the new Nokia Luma 920 all night long. Of course we had to know how she keeps herself so fit and gorgeous. What she revealed? Her go-to workouts include spinning, kickboxing, and yoga, and she loves to walk around her hometown of New York City with Jorgenson to stay active. Read on for details about the diet that helps her maintain her rockin' body!



The sexy starlet loves to nibble on all kinds of fruit. Her favorites? Cantaloupe, papaya, and any type of berry she can find that's in season.



"I love eggs!" says the actress. For good reason! They are an excellent source of protein, low in calories, and can be whipped into almost any dish. Here are 20 quick egg recipes to help you incorporate them into your diet.

Fiber Cereal


Every morning she starts her day with a fiber-rich cereal like Fiber One. Good choice, Katrina. The cereal packs 21 grams of fiber in just 90 calories!

Almond Milk


She chooses almond milk to go in her cereal every morning. "I have a dairy allergy so I have to tweak my diet around that," she reveals. Almond milk is easier than you think to make yourself, especially if you follow this quick and simple almond milk recipe.



Bowden keeps her metabolism revved by snacking-she loves to do it! One of her go-tos? Pretzels.

Trail Mix


Another on-the-go favorite, she also keeps trail mix on hand for a healthy noshing sesh. Make your own! Try this healthy trail mix recipe with almonds, cherries, and chocolate.

Vegan Carrot Cake


Okay, she doesn't eat this every day, but she did say that she would if she could! "Whole Foods has some great vegan dessert options," she says, so she goes there when she's craving something sweet.



Her typical dinner consists of fish and vegetables.

Sweet Potato Fries


Bowden revealed that she loves to cook and experiment with new healthy food all the time, but sweet potato fries are something she always has around. "I make them like five times a week!" she says.

Grilled Chicken


"Lunch is generally always a grilled chicken or tuna salad," she says.