How the star midfielder and Under Armour athlete powers up for a big game, her favorite "splurge" food, and the one nutrition rule she always sticks to

By Kylie Gilbert
Updated: June 30, 2015
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After their victory over China in last Friday's quarterfinal, the U.S. Women's National Team is set to take on Germany tonight in the semifinals of the FIFA Women's World Cup. This time, they'll be doing so with one of their most valuable players, Lauren Holiday, back on the field (she had to sit the last game out after picking up her second yellow card). As one of six players on the U.S. team to play every minute of the World Cup prior, fueling up is crucial for the powerhouse midfielder. Here, Holiday shares her go-to meal right before a game, her favorite "splurge" food, and the one nutrition rule she always sticks to. (Next, see what defender Ali Krieger eats on game day!)

Shape: What's your go-to meal the night before a game?

Lauren Holiday (LH): The night before a game varies based on what they serve us in the meal room. I like to make sure I eat as clean as possible so marinated chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato mash would be ideal!

Shape: What do you eat right before a game?

LH: My pre-game meal is so important to me because I have such a sensitive stomach. My ideal pre-game meal would be a turkey sandwich with avocado and any sort of fruit medley.

Shape: What's your favorite "splurge" food?

LH: Definitely be a cheeseburger. I don't think you can ever go wrong with a well-made burger! Add cheese and avocado and I am in heaven!

Shape: What's one nutrition rule you always stick to?

LH: Balance! With everything in my life, I think being balanced is so important. Splurge days are okay as long as you are eating a balanced diet consistently!

Shape: Do you have one simple recipe that you could share with us that you love?

LH: I love grilled veggies! I'll dress them in some olive oil, garlic salt, and pepper with a squeeze of lemon.

Shape: If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would be it?

LH: I love queso cheese dip!

Shape: What snack do you always keep on you?

LH: Bananas or apples are always easy for me to carry around.

Shape: Are there any specific foods to the U.S. or your hometown that you love?

LH: My absolute favorite food is my dad's BBQ-he makes the best ribs and pulled pork I've ever had!



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