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What Vanessa Williams Eats (Almost) Every Day

What's Inside Vanessa's Fridge?

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Ageless beauty Vanessa Williams is one busy woman! She’ll soon be heating up the small screen on her devilishly hot new ABC series, 666 Park Avenue, as well as appearing on QVC’s Friday Night Beauty with Jacque Gonzales on Sept. 21 to talk about her hero product, ReVitalistic’s Skin Serum. “The multi-tasking, 3-in-1 product: primer, treatment, and moisturizer is effective and really works wonders for my skin,” she tells SHAPE.

We were dying to know more about Williams’ stay-sexy secrets, so we got the scoop on what she eats every day (well, almost) to keep both her confidence and body strong!

Lemon Water

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Staying hydrated is so important, but Williams prefers to take in her H20 with a twist—of lemon, that is! The sultry star loves lemon water in the a.m. to start the day off right.

Coco-Magic Bars by Gary Null

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The 49-year-old beauty is nuts over these coconut and chocolate, organic, gluten-free treats. With more than 12g of protein, along with a healthy dose of Omega-3s, antioxidants, and probiotics, it’s no wonder the healthy, low-glycemic bars work like magic! “They are simply the best,” Williams says.

Kale Salad

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It’s no secret that kale does a body good, so how about mixing it up with currants, lemon, Parmesan, and pine nuts? Williams raves about the delicious, dark, leafy salad from Susan Lawrence Gourmet Foods in Chappaqua, NY because “it’s so delicious and good for you.”

Skinny Pop Popcorn

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For a tasty, low-calorie snack, the gorgeous former fashion model reaches for Skinny Pop popcorn. At only 39 calories per cup, zero trans fat, and no cholesterol, this skinny-licious treat packs a big punch without the guilt!

Ice Cream

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Every gal needs a little guilty pleasure now and then! Williams is crazy about ice cream, especially in the summer. Her favorite flavor? “Soft serve dipped in chocolate from Carvel or Chunky Monkey from Ben & Jerry’s,” the actress reveals.

More on Vanessa Williams

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Now that we know what Vanessa eats, what about those workouts? The smart, sexy, and confident star stays in shape by sweating up a storm at Body Theory.

“They have the best music in town and it’s guaranteed to get you ‘drenched’… which is the name of the class!” she says.

Another key to her rockin’ bod? Zumba at Alvin Ailey, Maui Yoga with Darin Candler, Pilates, kickboxing classes, and body-sculpting sessions with trainers Sal Gaglio and Harley Pasternak.

To steal Vanessa’s real solution beauty secrets for real women and learn more about her ReVitalistic Skin Serum (which can be purchased on, tune in to QVC on Sept. 21!


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