Dancing with the Stars premiered last week on ABC, and this season is already proving to once again have some serious stiff competition between its new crop of celebrity contestants.

With weeks of suspenseful eliminations ahead, the outcome of the show is unclear, but one thing's for certain: Italian model, actress and TV presenter Elisabetta Canalis heated up the dance floor with her super svelte figure, despite her recent elimination.

The 33-year old stunner recently shared with us what's cookin' in her DWTS workout, diet, kitchen and career.

What's Cookin' in Elisabetta's Workout:

With an intense rehearsal schedule of six hours a day, seven days a week, Canalis hasn't had time for much else. Prior to the show, she kept her figure fab with kickboxing and swimming.

"I love variety in my life. Kickboxing and swimming is like boot camp in the water," Canalis says. "It's very hard training but so good for circulation; when you swim you use all of your muscles and it's great."

What's Cookin' in Elisabetta's Diet:

The secret to the bella donna's rock hard abs? Eating whatever she wants! Due to her vigorous DWTS training routine while on the show, Canalis has been consuming more calories than normal these days.

"You have to force yourself to eat a lot to have more energy because we rehearse so much," the gorgeous gal says. "My body has always had curves but I've never had the kind of flat abs I have now…for the first time in my life I can see my abs!"

As a self-professed carb addict, the Italian beauty has enjoyed being able to eat whatever she wants while on DWTS. She focuses on eating carbs in the earliest part of the day, with more proteins for lunch and dinner.

"Sometimes I bring cookies with me to eat during rehearsal because I know I need to keep eating a lot!" Canalis exclaims. "When I get home I open my cupboards in the kitchen and eat everything!"

Even before DWTS, Canalis has always been against diets.

"For me, it's about the way you eat. You can eat a lot of things, but eat good things," she advises. "I can't accept the fact that I would have to be starving all day long…it would put me in a bad mood and I wouldn't advise it to anyone!"

What's Cookin' in Elisabetta's Kitchen:

While she enjoys eating out at some of LA's best Japanese and Chinese restaurants, the foxy Italian prefers to cook traditional pasta dishes at home. She loves Carbonara pasta with egg and bacon, but her favorite is healthy shrimp pasta with garlic and spicy oil.

What's Cookin' in Elisabetta's Career:

Aside from dancing her way into America's hearts on ABC's Dancing with the Stars (Mondays and Tuesdays 8/7c), Canalis is also an advocate for the Julien Collot Foundation. Formed in 2007, the charity raises awareness to fund research and trials for Pediatric cancers.

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