Rogers tells Shape what inspired her to start a business.

By Mara Santilli
September 04, 2018
Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images

R&B singer Kelis Rogers (of "Milkshake" fame) gets as much joy out of cooking for a crowd as she does performing for one. So she went to culinary school, developed a line of sauces, and now brings homegrown food to the community. (Related: The #1 Way This Celebrity Chef Makes Every Recipe Healthier)

Food was her first love

"My mother is a chef, and my father is a musician, so music and food have always been a part of my life. Ten years into my music career, I was drawn to my desire to cook. I started shopping the markets of the cities I was performing in and eating solo in restaurants. I was going on a food tour from country to country." (Related: Healthy Eating Tips and Recipes from 15 Female Chefs)

The moment that made her go pro

"I saw a commercial for culinary school and enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu. I had some doubts, but once I knew the instructors supported my creative vision, I realized it was one of the best things I would ever do." (Here's how one female chef stays healthy despite spending all day in the kitchen.)

Her secret sauce

"Since I'm from Harlem, I'm inspired by the cultural melting pot of New York, especially Caribbean and Jamaican cuisines, so I started making my own jerk sauce. Then I began experimenting. I'd leave jars of my sauces on my neighbor's doorstep; she loved them and pushed me to start a business. In 2015, I launched Bounty & Full, which includes Cranberry Mandarin Jam and The Truth Habanero Hot Sauce [$7 each,]."

Growing in new directions

"My husband and I bought the land for a sustainable farm in California, to grow crops and raise our own livestock. Being a part of ethical food production is so important to me. Once we settle in with our two sons, we're going to start a restaurant there. I want it to be a place where people can eat food that nourishes them and gives them a sense of nostalgia."