An Olympic skier, and a serious diehard, Lindsey Vonn has rebuilt herself many times over, and she proudly has the scars and drive to show for it.

Photo: Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom/Stringer/Getty Images

As she's amping up for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games (her fourth!), Lindsey Vonn continues to prove she's unstoppable. She recently pulled out a World Cup win, becoming the oldest woman to win a downhill event at age 33. We caught up with the skiier to discuss how she stays motivated and what she's learned during her long career.

Why the Wipe-Outs Are Sill Worth It

"The rush of skiing 80-plus miles per hour down a mountain just never gets old. You have no one telling you what to do or giving you a score. It's just you and the mountain and the fastest skier wins. That has kept me going all these years."

The Scar She Rocks with Pride

"I used to think the huge purple scar along the back of my right arm was hideous. [Vonn broke her arm after a bad training crash in 2016.] But the harder I worked in rehab, the more I felt like it was a badge of strength. Now I embrace it and wear sleeveless dresses and tops because the scar is part of who I am. It's made me stronger and I'm proud to show it off."

What Quickly Kills Her Workout

"The bulk of my training program uses normal equipment, but I like mixing it up. Monotony in your workout is a motivation killer. When I train at Redbull they have a ton of new and unique equipment that I can experiment with and find new ways to get stronger and more athletic." (Enhance your workout with this high-tech fitness equipment.)

The Only Way She'll Face Subzero Mornings

"A bowl of oatmeal with blueberries and cinnamon with a side of scrambled eggs is the perfect breakfast." (Steal her secret and try this blueberry coconut oatmeal with cinnamon.)

Her Happy Place

"Home with my dogs. After competing for so many years, I just want to relax when I get free time, and being with my dogs [spaniel Lucy and rescues Leo and Bear] always makes me happy. After competing for so many years, I realize that taking time for myself is important. Stress and racing take a lot out of me, and if I don't recharge my batteries I'll eventually run out of energy. I have to be proactive and make sure I am getting the rest I need, not just to win, but to be happy." (Proof: Lindsey Vonn Gets a Gold Medal for Her Active Recovery Game.)

Off-Duty Switch

"When I'm training I have pre-made meals which aren't too exciting but help me train hard. When I'm on my spring break after ski season or having a rough day, froyo with Reese's Pieces always does the trick."

How She Keeps Her Edge

"Injuries have taught me that I am stronger than I know. Will and determination have gotten me back to the top every time."